Monday, 27 October 2014

Quick Home Projects

I've been able to find the time to do two quick little projects for our home over the last couple of days. I enjoy being creative in our home; it makes it feel so much more like us. My lovely sister gave me some beautiful bird feathers, and straight away I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them!

I rummaged around and found a white frame that I'd been given by a friend who no longer wanted it, and pulled out my roll of plain old brown paper that we use to cover school books, followed finally by washi tape! Oh washi tape! 

A few minutes later I had cleaned the glass and frame, scrunched up the brown paper and stuck four of the feathers down with the washi tape, and ...

 It sits on an old chair that I have in the lounge room, and I love it! 

Today I went searching op-shops for a shelf or storage system of some kind for the kids toy room/corner. It didn't take long to find something that would be perfect (after a clean!) and it was only five dollars! After a quick six dollar trip to a brilliant local craft shop, three meters of pom pom edging later and a hot glue gun ...

I really like the finished product, it gives a great little pop of colour  
to the room and it's much better than toys just stacked in plastic tubs ... and all for eleven dollars!

It really is so nice to decorate our home and not break the budget!
It's one favourite part of making my house a home!


  1. Very clever idea , it's amazing what can be found at op shops.

    1. Thanks Jo, I find myself rather addicted to op-shopping! :)

  2. Those feathers are so beautiful and then put into that frame so artistically creates a wonderful piece of art. Top marks. :)
    Alexa blogging from Sydney, Australia

    1. Thanks Alex :) It's so nice to have you visit again!


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