Friday, 27 February 2015

Too Exhausted To Think Of A Title

Crazy. This one word sums up this last week here in the Wolter household. My good intentions of delivering you a sewing tutorial blog at the end of last week got left far behind in between housework, filling out forms, trying to fix an almost had-it laptop (which in the end, didn't work anyway!), taking the children to sports and music practise, and a myriad of other 'non-normal' events for the week. I'm exhausted! 

It's been one of those weeks where I am very surprised that I actually still have hair left, that my eyes are not carrying around big black bags with them on a daily basis. Do you ever have one of those weeks where you start the week off with a list of things that you would ideally like to get accomplished, and come the end of the weekend there's not much crossed off, more things added and you find yourself wondering what on earth has happened here?! Where your brain knows that there is this much to do, this amount of time to do it in, and then ... nothing! Yep, I see all your nodding heads. 

We have had a visit this week from our home school teacher, and that was lovely. He assured us our school books are on the way, so we can begin the school year hopefully by next week. Early. Next. Week. Please. The kids are becoming restless, mummy's becoming aggravated, and we are itching to begin a new schedule with the familiarity of structure. It really is getting quite ridiculous around here! But, I guess that this can be the 'normal' for a mother!

I struggle to find something to share with you today, because as I said earlier, this week has felt like one extended stress period! Please tell me there are other Mother's who know what I mean by this?! You know, the weeks when your husband comes home from work and you find yourself saying behind gritted teeth, "please take our lovely, darling little cherub children out for a while ... NOW!"

Oh but you just have to laugh, for these things are sometimes just a part of our lives! To top it off, I haven't even been op-shopping this week, no wonder I'm stressed!! We had a lovely visit today with an elderly couple who we have come to know and see as family, and they were enjoying having a giggle at my expense when they saw the 'wild and haggard' look in my eyes. We were laughing together as I was telling them that I think there might be a market for me if I were to tape myself  saying the instructions that I regularly give my children, then all I would have to do is just press 'repeat' and viola!, same thing! Rhonda assured me, through her gorgeous giggles, that it wouldn't work. Defeated. 

I love that I can write all of this and know that you know that I actually DO love my children and family very much, as I know you all do too! 

So, all that said, hopefully next week there will be more regular posting, sleep and coffee consuming done by me, and a week of getting settled into 'normal' life again ... if there is such a thing! 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Creating A Family Book Inventory!

Books, books and more books! If you don't already know, our family loves reading and anything and everything to do with books!
This love, coupled with a love of op-shopping, meant that we had to begin keeping an inventory of the books we own to save doubling-up on 20c and 50c literature bargains!
I have found over the years that any system that I try to implement with a big family, needs to be fairly simple. Just enough information, easily accessible, easy to comprehend and easy to follow through with.
This system is no different. I have simply chosen a small notebook that can fit into my handbag. This makes it easy to have on hand, should we just happen to 'find ourselves' visiting an op-shop somewhere!
My eldest is a bookaholic like his mum, and so together we spent a couple of hours the other week setting up our bookshelf and inventory list. It was quite fun!
I thought I'd share with you the steps we took to create our book inventory so you can create one of your own for your family if you would like to.

Step #1.    Choose a suitable notebook
This can be any size, shape or colour that you would like. It can be lined or  blank.  You can even keep a computerised inventory if you would prefer. I like the simplicity and portability of a notebook.  
Step #2.     Organise your books
You can organise them however you like. Alphabetically, in series, by Author, etc. We chose to organise by Author. We used one page per Author (leaving a couple of pages in between the next Author, for ones we knew we'd collect more of).
Step #3.      Make a note of the books you own
As said above, we use one page per Author and list all of the books we have from that Author below, whether the books are in a series or just individual pieces doesn't matter. As we purchase new books from our op-shopping adventures, we simply add it to the existing Author, or create a new Author page, and add it to the book shelf in the correct place.

It really is such a simple system for our family, and it is one that I'm sure we will be using for many years! I have even begun collecting some Enid Blyton novels for my nieces and I've added the ones I've bought so far to a page in the back of my inventory book, so that I can keep a track of ones I have for them! I'm collecting some books for my mum too, and have done the same thing!

I have a board on Pinterest called 'books, books and more books'. Check it out and follow along, I add to it fairly often!
 How does your family keep a record of books you own? Are any of the books in the photos above ones that your children love?

Monday, 16 February 2015

Exciting Parcels and a Cute Fridge!!

Diagnostic tests have arrived in the mail!!! ...

So this week has been spent completing tests and getting ready to begin our home school year!

While my older three were completing their tests, my little man was enjoying some creative time ...

 Diagnostic testing is not all we've been doing though. Mr S got out in the shed with dad to help him build a ladder that will be given a shabby chic finish, and sold at the markets. It was so good for my mothers heart to see my son spending time with his Dad, and with mans tools in his hands.

Even though we've not officially begun our studies, we are really making the most of learning life skills however we can! I honestly don't know why we didn't start home schooling earlier!
There's been time for tea parties with my girls again, and time to create some artworks that I can hopefully sell at my market stall.
Oh yes! The cute fridge ...
... I ordered some sticky9 magnets, as I'm slightly addicted, and so now our fridge looks like this! ...

It makes me happy every time I look at it!
I think these magnets would make fantastic gifts for family, especially if they live far away!
Have any of you got your beautiful little memories in magnets on the fridge too?
I hope you're all having a beautiful blessed week!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Writing it Down!

As we begin our home school year, I've had the idea to begin a journal. It's nothing fancy at all, just a lined spiral notebook where I write about our days. I was wanting to have a written record to go with our photos of what we've been doing and learning and funny things that have happened. Big things and little things. I'm so grateful that I thought of this idea before we began, so that I can just keep adding to it right from the start, instead of having to go back and try and remember.

I used to be an avid scrapbooker; for ten years straight I scrapped everything. And then, when our fourth child Mr R was born, I just stopped. The other day I sat at the table with all of my scrapping stuff out in front of me, and felt a bit overwhelmed by the fact that Mr R is now five and I'm still working on little itty bitty bubby photos of him. Well, better late than never, right?

I knew that by starting our home school journal, I would have all the details written down so that if I ever decide to scrapbook our year (most likely) then I have all the information to go with the photos. Well, that's the plan anyway!

I believe its important to keep records of our family life; words that point to His goodness in our every day. Memories to look back on over the years to come; to refresh the heart and stir the mind.

Today we've woken up to overcast skies and a fresh, cool breeze. I love days like this. They are perfect for snuggling up with a journal, a book and a coffee after all the chores are done. I may even put a slow cooked meal on for tonight.

How do you record your families days? Are you a journal keeper too?
Blessings to you today!

"Write what should not be forgotten"
- Isabel Allende


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Exciting New Direction!

This year has taken on some changes that were a bit unexpected. We have become a home schooling family to all four of our children. While this decision was made fairly quickly, we have great peace about it and we know that we have chosen what is best for our family. God has given us many ideas and our minds are racing with possibilities of what this year may hold.
As a mother now of four homeschoolers, I know that my days and weeks will not be without challenges. But they're challenges that I believe hold a very great reward! We are excited as a family, and while our children at first had some hesitations, they are quickly beginning to see the benefits for all of us! We are actually still waiting for school materials to arrive, so we have had an extended holiday period for this year; something that none of us mind! However, I am starting to become rather itchy to begin learning and making progress with it all.
I've always believed that the whole of life is about learning. Learning isn't restricted to just textbooks and google. It's much, much more than that. While we wait for our materials to arrive, (hopefully tomorrow) we have been enjoying filling our days with baking, gardening, organising, cleaning, reading reading and more reading, visiting museums and galleries, watching the occasional movie, art time, having tea parties, organising chore charts, scrapbooking, journaling, beginning a stock pile cupboard (that will be for another post), swimming at a newly found creek (another post on that too!), making an inventory of books we own (you guessed it, another post!), op shopping, naturally!, cooking lovely hearty healthy dinners together, listening to praise music together and reading (or did I mention that already?) There are so many ways for our children to learn the skills necessary for life.

I honestly feel as if one of my greatest dreams for my family has just come true.
I have no idea how frequently I will be able to post here, though I hope it will be often enough. I am going to play it by ear and get my family settled into a familiar routine when our materials arrive and go from there. It is all very exciting and I look forward to sharing bits and pieces with you all along the way! I also welcome any and all positive advice for me as a new home schooling mummy, so please feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments!
Looking forward to another year together, living in His Sufficient Grace.

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