Friday, 27 February 2015

Too Exhausted To Think Of A Title

Crazy. This one word sums up this last week here in the Wolter household. My good intentions of delivering you a sewing tutorial blog at the end of last week got left far behind in between housework, filling out forms, trying to fix an almost had-it laptop (which in the end, didn't work anyway!), taking the children to sports and music practise, and a myriad of other 'non-normal' events for the week. I'm exhausted! 

It's been one of those weeks where I am very surprised that I actually still have hair left, that my eyes are not carrying around big black bags with them on a daily basis. Do you ever have one of those weeks where you start the week off with a list of things that you would ideally like to get accomplished, and come the end of the weekend there's not much crossed off, more things added and you find yourself wondering what on earth has happened here?! Where your brain knows that there is this much to do, this amount of time to do it in, and then ... nothing! Yep, I see all your nodding heads. 

We have had a visit this week from our home school teacher, and that was lovely. He assured us our school books are on the way, so we can begin the school year hopefully by next week. Early. Next. Week. Please. The kids are becoming restless, mummy's becoming aggravated, and we are itching to begin a new schedule with the familiarity of structure. It really is getting quite ridiculous around here! But, I guess that this can be the 'normal' for a mother!

I struggle to find something to share with you today, because as I said earlier, this week has felt like one extended stress period! Please tell me there are other Mother's who know what I mean by this?! You know, the weeks when your husband comes home from work and you find yourself saying behind gritted teeth, "please take our lovely, darling little cherub children out for a while ... NOW!"

Oh but you just have to laugh, for these things are sometimes just a part of our lives! To top it off, I haven't even been op-shopping this week, no wonder I'm stressed!! We had a lovely visit today with an elderly couple who we have come to know and see as family, and they were enjoying having a giggle at my expense when they saw the 'wild and haggard' look in my eyes. We were laughing together as I was telling them that I think there might be a market for me if I were to tape myself  saying the instructions that I regularly give my children, then all I would have to do is just press 'repeat' and viola!, same thing! Rhonda assured me, through her gorgeous giggles, that it wouldn't work. Defeated. 

I love that I can write all of this and know that you know that I actually DO love my children and family very much, as I know you all do too! 

So, all that said, hopefully next week there will be more regular posting, sleep and coffee consuming done by me, and a week of getting settled into 'normal' life again ... if there is such a thing! 


  1. I have days like these all the time. I try to just take it one day at a time otherwise I would have lost my marbles ages ago. Sending you some positive thoughts. #AlittleR&R

    1. Thank you and I know what you mean about one day at a time, and about loosing marbles too! I hope you have a lovely weekend Mariet!


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