Monday, 30 March 2015

A Write Change

Writing is something that is very important to me. It has been for most of my life. However I can also skip from project to project, forgetting all about the one that I started, until months later when I find a few paragraphs scribbled on the first page of a new journal. This really frustrates me! 

My Mother has always said that 'a change is as good as a holiday', and so the other day, I went on a holiday! I wanted to change things up so that my writing would be something that was more of a priority, and in an obvious place so that it served as a visual reminder to do some writing, hopefully each day. Is writing something that is important to you too? 

Writing is important to me for many reasons; it's therapeutic, it's a way to de-clutter my thoughts, it's a way to write out prayers and the things I'm thankful for, and it's also a way that I try to leave a legacy for my children. 

This is the space beside my bed, before I went on a change holiday! ... 

And here it is after I changed things around ...

Now I have all that I need right beside my bed so that it's easily accessible to do some journaling before I go to bed, or as I wake up in the morning. It has been a much more productive set-up and I think it looks pretty cute too!

A couple of days after this change around, I also added a small CD player no longer needed in the lounge room. So now I am able to play music, listen to sermons on CD and other teaching Cd's as well. It has become a lovely little place to relax and I'm so thankful that my amazing husband isn't bothered by my late night journaling while he's sleeping (most times I do turn off the lamp and use my little reading light). I find that later at night, and earlier in the morning when the house is quieter, I am better able to think and process and the writing flows easier.

Now that this little area is set up fresh ... there shouldn't be any more excuses! 


Heart Stories: Sufficient Grace

Her eyes were blurred slits when she heard the discomforting noise of siblings bickering in the kitchen. She wished for mornings that began in still, quiet peace. The clanging of dishes woke her fully and she drew in a deep, burdensome breath. Another day. She felt weak, unequipped, unfocused. How can she possibly complete all she needed to do in a day? It was all overwhelming her. The Bible verse on her iPhone app gave her a glimmer of hope. 
"My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in your weakness". 
It's not her strength, she remembered, but His. It's not her wisdom, but His. Not her joy, but His. Her soul felt renewed as her feet began daily tasks and her heart was thankful for His daily, moment-by-moment, sufficient grace.

Six Things I've Learnt As A Home School Novice ... So Far!

If you're a newcomer to the home school world, and like me still finding your way, then I have some pointers for you to hopefully help steer you in the right direction! These are the things that I've found to be very helpful so far for my family and I!

#1  Begin each day with a quiet time and prayer ...

Each morning I try to rise before the kids do, which is very hard sometimes when you have two children who mostly get up at the crack of dawn. That and the fact that I'm not naturally a morning person, means that sometimes I don't get out of bed early at all! On the mornings that I can, I make myself a hot cup of coffee and sit back in bed, or at the kitchen table and pour over my Bible in the peace and quiet of the early morning home. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. I pray for His wisdom and strength, His peace and joy. I thank Him for His goodness, His love and everything else! Sometimes it helps to journal as well, especially if there's a special scripture that has really stood out to me that day. The days where I don't have this time ... I really notice it. Everything seems to be that bit more stressful and unproductive.

#2  Get yourself dressed and ready for the day ...

It sounds simple, I know. It's not like any of us would just spend the day trudging around in our nighties or anything?! As simple as this sounds, it really makes a huge difference. Showering and dressing in clothes you love, be it a dress, or a skirt and top, pants, bathers, old clothes, whatever you prefer, is a great way to make sure you are beginning the day prepared, awake and ready to be productive! Do your skincare routine if you have one, put on a bit of makeup if you like, do your hair neatly, etc. It helps me to feel good about myself.

#3  Invest in new stationary ...

It's so good to create, write and learn using brand new stationary that actually works! Our last lot of felt tip pens looked like mini chimney sweep brushes! So, I tossed out the three year old hard crayons, chimney brushes and split pencils and stocked up on new ones! They were on special too, which is a bonus! It's a great incentive for the kids to work well and they've been busy creating beautiful artworks too!

#4  Have your school space as organised as possible ...

Your school space doesn't have to be expensive or fancy if you don't want it to be. Ours is quite basic (the above pic is only a little space of our books etc.) and simple as it's also the main dining room of our home. At the end of every school day we make an effort to put things back where they belong. It makes the whole space available for other activities and family meals, and also ensures that everything that is needed for the children's school work can be easily located when needed, saving time and frustration! Having my children be responsible for their own tidy up is important for many reasons; teaching them tidiness, organisation, respect of their parents home, being productive etc.

#5  Make time for yourself each day ...

I have learnt that if I want to be the best mother I possibly can (with God's help) than I need to take some time each day to just relax. I've learnt that the amount of time in which I have to do this is irrelevant to the benefits that we all receive from it. Even just 15 minutes of lying on the lounge resting, or having a hot cup of tea outside in the cool of the garden while the kids play is a very easy way to 're-charge' for the rest of the day ahead. Looking after ourselves is not selfish when we spend each day looking after the many needs of the ones we love, it is vital if we are to look after them well.

#6  Make time for your marriage ...

I have already posted on this point and you can read about it all here. You and your husband were a family before your children became a part of your story; make sure you take the time to cherish him, hug and kiss him, and build up his self-esteem. Of course, we don't always get this right, but it's important that our men still see that we are making an effort for them and not just our children.

#7  Clean as you go ...

I start some mornings when needed, by putting on a load of washing and asking a couple of my children to put away the clean dishes if they weren't done the night before. Our floors are swept in the morning, our cats fed, and our beds made with rooms relatively tidy. I find that with these basic chores done first thing, I can then go about the day doing other odd jobs in between helping children with school work and other daily activities. We all know what it's like to get to the end of the day and have the house look like a storm's hit. Cleaning as you go really helps to minimise end of day cleanup. Do the dishes at breakfast and lunch, sweep the floor as needed, stock the bathroom with clean towels, take out the rubbish, tidy the bookshelves. You can even fill the sink up with very hot water and detergent and just pop in your dishes as you go, if that works for you! Find ways to clean as you go and you'll find you gain more time at the end of the day!

I know that as our home schooling journey continues, there will be many more lessons to learn! I know that God is leading our journey, and for this I am so thankful! 

Have a beautiful week! 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Some Pretty Finds and A Delicious Tea

There's nothing like a bargain. The other day while out shopping with the kids, I spotted a bargain table outside of the kitchen shop. Dangerous, I know. I foraged through the table and noticed two beautiful platter plates that were marked down. One had a slight printing imperfection around the border pattern, and the other a slight chip under the edge of the rim. 

They were retailing at full price for $25.95 each, and I brought them for ... $2.00 each! Who minds a couple of imperfect prints and chips when they're that price! I also brought a long rectangle fruit serving platter that was reduced down to $5.00 because it had a raised little piece of china on it; I picked it off when I got home!

For a couple of weeks now I've been wanting to share with you a new tea that I've discovered. It is absolutely delicious. On a day trip to Toowoomba, we visited Typo in the main shopping centre and while walking around like lost puppies trying to find the shop, I just happened to find myself walking into a shop called 'The Tea Centre'. You may have heard of it. There were tea cups and tea pots everywhere, beautiful spoons and strainers and of course ... tea blends. Oh that shop smelt amazing!

After sniffing through all the teas on offer, I chose a black tea called 'Stockholm Blend' (Soderblandning -  which I just learnt means, 'Blend of the South' [Sweden]) It is a blend of orange, vanilla, apricot, rose, safflowers and calendula. I guarantee I'll be buying this tea again! It is just so delicious! Did I already mention that?!

Sometimes in life, it really is the little things! 

Have a beautiful day!

Monday, 23 March 2015

A Feature Wall On A Budget

Plain. Boring. Old. Ugly. These are the words that I would use to describe the wall in our main bedroom.  

See? ...

But, seeing as we're renting here, I couldn't go about changing the paint colour, as much as I would've liked to. I also wasn't wanting to spend a lot of money transforming this wall from ugly to beautiful. So, I headed out to visit my favourite shops in the world, op shops, to see what lovely bargains I could find among them!

I wanted the walls to have a personal feel. And so I decided to add some of my own artworks to the collage wall too. I only used canvas boards (the thin, flat ones) and two boxed canvases that I already had in my art cupboard and set to painting a couple of pieces. I scoured the house and found some paintings I did that were under our bed and have a 'history' in our relationship, so to speak. 

It is very possible to create a beautiful wall with very little cash spent at all
I absolutely love buying and making art for my home that hasn't broken the budget and adds the personal touches that tell the story of my family.

  1. A favourite photograph of my man and I that I printed onto canvas paper and framed in a basic white frame. The frame doesn't even have glass in it! I like that though, as I can feel the texture of the canvas paper that way! 
  2. A beautiful stitched piece that I found at Vinnie's, I only paid $5.00! I love the bright yellow happiness it adds to the room!
  3. This cute little birds nest is, I think, the most expensive thing on this wall ... it is new, and was $7.00. Adding three-dimensional pieces was something that I really wanted to do, and the size of this nest is perfect.
  4. My husbands initial. $5.00 chipboard letter, painted turquoise and stripped with black and white polka-dotted washi tape (I've got to put washi tape in there somewhere!)
  5. Another piece that I drew using oil pastels and a light blue water colour wash for the background swirl. It's also in a glass-less frame & I like the reminder the verse gives us.
  6. My husband loves sunsets and sunrises. So I painted this on a boxed canvas with acrylic paint to remind us that His mercies are new every morning.                                      
  7. When we were dating, I painted this piece for my husband of the Twelve Apostles. I used oil paints on a flat canvas board. He loves the ocean, and he loves this painting too. I was actually going to get rid of it when the frame broke, but I'm so glad I didn't. It is something that we both love.
  8. Another 3D little piece. A butterfly glass, lid thingy ... very technical name I know! It was only 20c at an op shop, so I don't really care about its name, it's just beautiful!
  9. My initial. Chipboard letter painted cream and lined with a strip of yellow patterned washi tape and a thin strip of turquoise washi tape.
  10. I really love trees. This is a simple little artwork that I painted, using acrylic paint and cotton buds! I already had the boxed canvas, so it cost nothing really!
  11. A cute little country cottage that I painted on a tiny little canvas board with acrylic paints. I like that the lights are on inside the home, I imagine a family living in there all warm and snug.
  12. Another 'tribute' to my husbands love of the ocean! This is a canvas that I painted at our children's school in an art lesson (before we began homeschooling). It is painted in acrylic and I just love it!
  13. Last but not least ... a very cute little oil painting that I brought at an op-shop for $3.00. If you look closely you can see a lady sitting under the tree wearing a lovely dress. It is just peaceful and pretty, so I had to add it to the collage!

I love what Myquillyn Smith writes in her book 'The Nesting Place' ... "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" ... I think I tend to agree!

Have a lovely day!

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Intimacy With God - A Different Bible Study Method

Digging deeper into God's Word is something that I really want to do more of on a daily basis. My pastors wife and I were discussing this one day and she gave me a great idea of how to draw more out of verses that I love!

We all know about 'thought bubbles' when it comes to writing, but she suggested using this same method for learning more about scripture too! I immediately loved the idea, because, as you know, I love anything and everything to do with writing (even using a dictionary and thesaurus!)

It may seem like a less personal way to study the precious word of God, but I've found that it adds more depth of meaning to the verses and more of a handle on how to apply it to my life. Which is what we all need to do more of, I'm sure!

So, here's the process ...

  • find a favourite Bible verse that you want to memorise and dig deeper into
  • write this verse in the middle of your page with a circle around it
  • circle/highlight/underline the most significant words of the verse for you
  • using a dictionary and thesaurus find meanings of selected words and write them branching off each word
  • find other Bible verses that are about chosen words and write them branching off definitions
Easy to understand? I'll show you ...

 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, 
but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 
2 Timothy 1:7

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
Philippians 4:8

This is definitely something that I will continue to do as a part of how I study God's Word. I desire to be a women who pours out the word of God; living words that refresh, guide, encourage, correct. I know that I can't live this life and fulfil all that God has given me to do at each stage, without the guidance that comes from His Word. God's Word is life to us; it should be our priority. 

Our most valuable possession in this life is our intimacy with God. 
We have to determine how intimate we are going to be with Him. 

Your word is a lamp for my feet,
    a light on my path.
Psalm 119:105

Enjoy being intimate with God this week!

One Hour Of Bliss!

As we began our home school journey, I knew that I would be having to spread myself between four childrens' needs (and my husbands too) every day, and that this would leave me with not as much time to spend with my husband. Marriage can be like that sometimes can't it? Two adults caught up in their own worlds, sometimes passing like ships in the night? 

Marriage is a relationship, a friendship that is worth making an effort for.

 I began thinking and praying of a way that we could make sure that we still had some time together, just the two of us. In fact, as I began thinking and praying about it, I realised that I was actually quite desperate for some time with just my husband - all to myself, alone, uninterrupted, free, did I mention all to myself? Our husbands are busy men, and they loose sight of, (just like us wives can) of the importance of just being together.

God in His faithfulness, almost immediately, dropped a thought into my mind that I knew would work beautifully for us! We have no family living close by and so we can't regularly leave the home to be by ourselves. His solution is perfect (as they always are!) 

He gave me the idea of spending one whole hour together every Sunday afternoon. And so we have begun this now and have enjoyed it for three Sundays so far! It's nothing fancy at all; we make a coffee, sometimes grab a snack and give the children strict instructions not to interrupt unless it's a safety issue (they are inside watching a movie, or reading or drawing - there is NO going outside or answering the door during this time though).

I tell you - it's one whole hour of bliss! We talk, we laugh, plan, hug, smooch, and share our lives with each other. Seriously, only three weeks of this regular one hour block of time (as we do get to chat through the week too) and we have grown so much closer together already! God is so good how He provides ways to prioritise things that are so important! 

This hour is something that I know I love (and so does my man) and we both are really looking forward to this time together by the end of the week. Church, family lunch, and a whole hour together! What a great way to spend a Sunday! 

I'm so grateful that we serve a God who is a God of relationships! People are everything to Him. People are who He came and died for! 

We don't have to wait for the abundant life that He provides us until we get to Heaven, it's for here and now!

Relationships are here and now! 

And I love my God so much for His answer to this prayer in our life. He is so good!

Could you see this being something that you would enjoy in your marriage too?!  Do you already practise this, or something similar?

I really can't wait until Sunday!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Creating A Stockpile Cupboard

Something that we have found to be so helpful in our family is a stockpile cupboard. We've only recently begun one, and already we are seeing the many benefits of it! 

I was inspired by another blogger (I can't even remember who now), so the idea is not my own. She began by saying that a stockpile cupboard can be any cupboard anywhere in your home and is used to prepare for times when things can be more financially lenient. 

There are a couple of ways that you can begin a stockpile cupboard of your own. We began by using a small amount of cash from my husbands income when e had a week of quite a bit of over-time. I stocked up on non-perishable items that we frequently use in our home. So, on any given week, if my husband has a smaller pay, or if we have more bills than usual, we should have food/cleaning items on hand, without a big grocery expense for that week. 

I began by purchasing ... 

Cleaning Items ...

  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • dishcloths (although I recently brought two crotchet dishcloths from an op-shop for $1.00 each, and they are fantastic!)
  • toilet cleaner
  • white vinegar
  • dish washing liquid
  • glen 20
  • glad wrap, alfoil and \baking paper
  • washing powder
  • pre-stain remover
  • tissues
  • napkins
  • toothpaste
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • soap

 Food Items ...
  • tomato Soup
  • crushed garlic
  • baked beans
  • aoli
  • mayonnaise
  • tuna
  • corn and beetroot
  • coffee
  • tea
  • spreads (jam, Vegemite, peanut butter)
  • vanilla essence
  • long-life milk and custard (just in case)
  • sauces (BBQ, tomato, sweet chili)
  • soy sauce
  • olive oil

I find that these items are regularly used in my home and kitchen, so having them on hand is very helpful. It's also nice to know that if a family is struggling for whatever reason, we can put together a little hamper for them from our stock pile and add some fresh veggies from the garden and some fresh eggs from the girls! It's a small way to bless others!

We keep track of our stockpile items by using an extremely complicated method ... pieces of paper masking taped to the inside of the cupboard door! The cupboard is actually in my husbands and my walk-in wardrobe! We write each item on the paper when we purchase some at shopping, and add a tally mark next to the item, then simply cross off a tally mark when an item is taken out. Very easy! The kids are actually the ones who add the items in and on the list, as they really enjoy it, and they get to cross the items off too! Lots of lessons learnt there! 

I know that stockpiling is not a new thing by any means, but it is new to us, and we are finding that it's saving stress and money; and allowing us to bless others when needed too!

How do you set up your stockpile? We would eventually like to invest in a chest freezer to be able to stockpile meat and breads etc. in that too! Do you have any tips for stockpile 'beginners'?! Would a stockpile be something you could use if you don't already?

Blessing to you this week!

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Just A Little Obsessed!

It's no surprise that I love op-shopping. But you may not know that I also love crotchet blankets! I'm actually a  little bit obsessed with them! 

Over the last two weeks I've added to our blanket stash, getting ready for the coming winter months.

Pic from Pinterest
I can just imagine a sweet elderly lady, all cozied up in her home, pot of stew on the stove, kitty curled at her feet, steaming cup of tea by her side while her skillful fingers weave the art that was passed down to her from her mother and grandmother. There is just so much love and work that goes into these beautiful blankets; and I just can't resist buying them to wrap my children up in warmth and love! 

Buying something pre-loved is so satisfying; when you can find something in wonderful condition with a small price tag that is beautiful, yet practical, then it is just so good! These blankets cost me only $4.00 a piece! Hanging them out on the line after a good wash to dry in the sunshine, is also something that I love about them!

The blanket below on our bed, is a huge and gorgeous queen-sized crotchet piece that I brought for $25.00! What a bargain! I think it's so beautiful and I'm looking forward to snuggling under it in winter!

I had a lovely friend just pop in the other morning with two pinky coloured crotchet baby blankets from her girls that they no longer use! I am so thankful; she knows about my obsession! She's also given me the idea to start buying some to wash and give to others who may be needing them too. 

I know there must be someone else out there who has this same obsession? Anyone?!

I just hope my cupboards are big enough!

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Playing With Dollies ... At 33?

I'm nearly 33 ... is that too old to be playing with Dollies?! 

Well, I haven't been playing with them, more so 'making' them. Let me explain. I have been completely inspired by the work of Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh. Everything her Tree Change Dolls stand for is just beautiful. Giving these over-sexualised dolls that are mass produced by big toy companies, a more natural down-to-earth appearance. A little dolly that might look like someone a little girl actually knows! Sonia calls the process a 'make under', which is fantastic!

You can watch a bit of her story here. She also has some tutorial videos available so you can get started on creating your own! Sonia has an etsy shop too, if you'd prefer to purchase directly from her. I will not be selling mine, I'm just doing it as I think it's a much nicer way for my girls to play dollies!

My girls were given a few Barbie Dolls over the years, and I went op-shopping for some more of them (and some brats dolls, which I have strictly NEVER bought because of their sexual appearance) and I managed to find some for only a dollar each. 

Sonia not only changes the faces of her dolls, her very skilled Mother knits new clothing for them too, making them look even more innocent and adorable! I'm not the worlds best sewer, so that part of the make under won't be happening around here any time soon (I may be able to pay one of our Church ladies though ... hmmm) 

So I've just stuck with giving them new faces for now.  I've only done three so far; one I will probably take off and re-do again. She was my first one and I'm not all that happy with the end result of her. 

So, here they are! ...

This is Hope ... she likes sewing and working in the veggie garden!

And this is Claire, she loves climbing trees and baking! 

I have to be careful actually, because this could become quite addictive! 

As well as giving these two dolls a make under, I have been making 'Pocket Pals'. What are they you ask? 

I'll show you ... 

... they are cute little paddle-pop stick people (inspiration from Pinterest!) that I've decorated with washi tape clothes and drawn on their little hair-do's, legs and faces! These are perfect for putting in my handbag and taking them with me to places where my children (well my younger ones) need to play quietly. So far, they've been to the beach, the zoo and the shops! 

I love how easily portable they are and how they stir up in my children the love of innocent imaginative play! 

You may also remember that I love naming things. So, naturally, I've named these Pocket Pals too! ...

These dolls are definitely a frugal little toy! With the sticks only costing $2.00 for 80 (I even found 35 at an op-shop for $1.00), and a small amount of washi tape for their clothes, they are very inexpensive. 

The many hours spent enjoying these two different types of dollies? ... priceless.

Have you tried either of these before? Did you become addicted too?! 

I hope you're having a lovely week!

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Using Our Gifts.

I'm not a published writer by any stretch of the imagination. I did, however spend a lot of time in high school writing poetry. I remember eating my lunch while scribbling out a new poem that I hoped I could read later when I got home! 

For some reason, the words just seemed to flow out of me in rhyme. They still do, although now I rarely take the time to write them down. It's hard sometimes to find the time, and to discipline yourself to write; to stay practised in it.

I thought that I would share some works that I wrote while in high school, hoping that it might get me motivated to begin writing poetry again!

Food For The Forest.

I once gazed upon a tree,
rugged, tough - but beautiful.
Marks and gashes,
extending from it's sturdy branches.
A sight of beauty, awe and wonder - 
but also a sight of sadness,
as the hour was near for the tree,
to drink it's last drink from
the water of life,
and die, only to live
once again,
as a source of food for the forest.

(copy write Elisha Wolter 8-6-99)

Etchings On Gold.

Mold me, fold me, burn me
show me Your hearts desire.
Teach me what You want me to know,
scratch out the darkness,
polish it with Your light.
Make my being shine - for You.
Make my heart of purest gold;
etch all my dreams, hopes and plans.
Etch Yourself into my soul.
Mold me, fold me, burn me -
with Your refiners hand.

(copy write Elisha Wolter 1999)

A few years ago, I compiled a small book as a 'lucky door prize' for a ladies Church event we were having. I've done nothing with it since! But, that doesn't matter to me at the moment; it's very satisfying to see my written works and my photographs all together in one book! 

I want to encourage you that if you have a gift or talent and you're not sure what to do with it, there's no loss in starting small. There's no loss in taking little steps, practising and being faithful with where you are now, and what God has given you to do now. After all, He tells us if we're faithful in the little things, He'll bless us with the big things. 

Go after your dreams, use your talents and gifts. Don't let them stagnate. I know we're all busy as wives and mothers, but even just 10 minutes a day doing something to further what God has given us is a mini step in the right direction. Nothing is wasted with God. Not one thing.   

At this stage, I have no idea what God will do with my little book, if anything. I have written some poems as an adult that I will share with you one day. They are mostly poems about motherhood (I think, if I remember correctly!)

Let's try as much as we can together to use what we've been given for God's glory! Even if we just begin with small steps ... they are still a step in the right direction!

Have a beautiful week!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

10 Easy Steps To A Clean Art & Craft Cupboard

I have been busy reorganizing my craft/art cupboard in between all the other stuff that's done on a daily basis! I was finding that my main large cupboard was just too hard to keep clean and organised. It would stay clean for  a short period of time, then ... chaos! Supplies falling on top of me every time I opened the doors! 

As it was a spur of the moment clean out, I didn't take any before shots. But, believe me when I say it was nasty! Little Miss P gave me a much appreciated helping hand to sort through things as they were relocated.

Here are my top 10 steps for cleaning out a craft/art cupboard ...

  1. start with a couple of plastic bags for rubbish
  2. have a plastic bag (or box) to use for give away items 
  3. have a plastic bag/box for charity items (if you wish)
  4. have a plastic bag/box for garage sale items (if you're planning on having one within the next couple of months)
  5. take out everything from your cupboard, adding items to rubbish or other bags/boxes listed above.
  6. spray and wipe the shelves and drawer insides
  7. organize supplies into similar items (e'g' scrap booking cutters, card stock, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, etc.)
  8. Choose which self/drawer you would like each item in. I find that grouping like items together makes it so much easier to find things that you need for a particular project without any fuss or time wasting. 
  9. Neatly go about re-stacking your supplies back into your cupboards!! This is the fun part!
  10. You could even go one step further (which I haven't yet done) and label drawers/shelves with the items they hold!
Now all that's left to do is take out the rubbish bags, put the garage sale box in the shed, and pop the give-away or charity boxes into the boot of your car straight away so that you've got them to drop off when you're out and about!

And there you have it! One lovely organised craft/art cupboard that lets you be the most creative you can be! I took all of my scrap booking supplies out of my main cupboard and organised them into a small, cute little kitchen sideboard cupboard that I brought for only $30.00. It is a perfect size to keep all these items together and very easily accessible. It turned out pretty cute! ...

I really love the two drawers in this cupboard. They are perfect for putting my current project in the left side and my pens, scissors, tapes and other small items in the right side! I'm really happy with the results!

In my larger cupboard I have my writing resources and work, my paints and brushes, canvases, letter writing supplies, sewing items, and art journals. It only took a couple of hours to achieve such a great organised space that I really enjoy using now! 

So, how about you? Will these steps help you to better organize your favourite space? Let me know how you go! I hope you enjoy!

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