Monday, 16 March 2015

Just A Little Obsessed!

It's no surprise that I love op-shopping. But you may not know that I also love crotchet blankets! I'm actually a  little bit obsessed with them! 

Over the last two weeks I've added to our blanket stash, getting ready for the coming winter months.

Pic from Pinterest
I can just imagine a sweet elderly lady, all cozied up in her home, pot of stew on the stove, kitty curled at her feet, steaming cup of tea by her side while her skillful fingers weave the art that was passed down to her from her mother and grandmother. There is just so much love and work that goes into these beautiful blankets; and I just can't resist buying them to wrap my children up in warmth and love! 

Buying something pre-loved is so satisfying; when you can find something in wonderful condition with a small price tag that is beautiful, yet practical, then it is just so good! These blankets cost me only $4.00 a piece! Hanging them out on the line after a good wash to dry in the sunshine, is also something that I love about them!

The blanket below on our bed, is a huge and gorgeous queen-sized crotchet piece that I brought for $25.00! What a bargain! I think it's so beautiful and I'm looking forward to snuggling under it in winter!

I had a lovely friend just pop in the other morning with two pinky coloured crotchet baby blankets from her girls that they no longer use! I am so thankful; she knows about my obsession! She's also given me the idea to start buying some to wash and give to others who may be needing them too. 

I know there must be someone else out there who has this same obsession? Anyone?!

I just hope my cupboards are big enough!

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