Tuesday, 17 March 2015

One Hour Of Bliss!

As we began our home school journey, I knew that I would be having to spread myself between four childrens' needs (and my husbands too) every day, and that this would leave me with not as much time to spend with my husband. Marriage can be like that sometimes can't it? Two adults caught up in their own worlds, sometimes passing like ships in the night? 

Marriage is a relationship, a friendship that is worth making an effort for.

 I began thinking and praying of a way that we could make sure that we still had some time together, just the two of us. In fact, as I began thinking and praying about it, I realised that I was actually quite desperate for some time with just my husband - all to myself, alone, uninterrupted, free, did I mention all to myself? Our husbands are busy men, and they loose sight of, (just like us wives can) of the importance of just being together.

God in His faithfulness, almost immediately, dropped a thought into my mind that I knew would work beautifully for us! We have no family living close by and so we can't regularly leave the home to be by ourselves. His solution is perfect (as they always are!) 

He gave me the idea of spending one whole hour together every Sunday afternoon. And so we have begun this now and have enjoyed it for three Sundays so far! It's nothing fancy at all; we make a coffee, sometimes grab a snack and give the children strict instructions not to interrupt unless it's a safety issue (they are inside watching a movie, or reading or drawing - there is NO going outside or answering the door during this time though).

I tell you - it's one whole hour of bliss! We talk, we laugh, plan, hug, smooch, and share our lives with each other. Seriously, only three weeks of this regular one hour block of time (as we do get to chat through the week too) and we have grown so much closer together already! God is so good how He provides ways to prioritise things that are so important! 

This hour is something that I know I love (and so does my man) and we both are really looking forward to this time together by the end of the week. Church, family lunch, and a whole hour together! What a great way to spend a Sunday! 

I'm so grateful that we serve a God who is a God of relationships! People are everything to Him. People are who He came and died for! 

We don't have to wait for the abundant life that He provides us until we get to Heaven, it's for here and now!

Relationships are here and now! 

And I love my God so much for His answer to this prayer in our life. He is so good!

Could you see this being something that you would enjoy in your marriage too?!  Do you already practise this, or something similar?

I really can't wait until Sunday!


  1. This is excellent and so necessary! Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. We need to continue to love our husbands, even through homeschooling! :)

    1. Thanks Jes, it is very necessary and I found that if it wasn't something we purposed to do each week, then it probably wouldn't happen! :)

  2. What a wonderful example of making your husband and your marriage a priority!


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