Wednesday, 11 March 2015

10 Easy Steps To A Clean Art & Craft Cupboard

I have been busy reorganizing my craft/art cupboard in between all the other stuff that's done on a daily basis! I was finding that my main large cupboard was just too hard to keep clean and organised. It would stay clean for  a short period of time, then ... chaos! Supplies falling on top of me every time I opened the doors! 

As it was a spur of the moment clean out, I didn't take any before shots. But, believe me when I say it was nasty! Little Miss P gave me a much appreciated helping hand to sort through things as they were relocated.

Here are my top 10 steps for cleaning out a craft/art cupboard ...

  1. start with a couple of plastic bags for rubbish
  2. have a plastic bag (or box) to use for give away items 
  3. have a plastic bag/box for charity items (if you wish)
  4. have a plastic bag/box for garage sale items (if you're planning on having one within the next couple of months)
  5. take out everything from your cupboard, adding items to rubbish or other bags/boxes listed above.
  6. spray and wipe the shelves and drawer insides
  7. organize supplies into similar items (e'g' scrap booking cutters, card stock, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, etc.)
  8. Choose which self/drawer you would like each item in. I find that grouping like items together makes it so much easier to find things that you need for a particular project without any fuss or time wasting. 
  9. Neatly go about re-stacking your supplies back into your cupboards!! This is the fun part!
  10. You could even go one step further (which I haven't yet done) and label drawers/shelves with the items they hold!
Now all that's left to do is take out the rubbish bags, put the garage sale box in the shed, and pop the give-away or charity boxes into the boot of your car straight away so that you've got them to drop off when you're out and about!

And there you have it! One lovely organised craft/art cupboard that lets you be the most creative you can be! I took all of my scrap booking supplies out of my main cupboard and organised them into a small, cute little kitchen sideboard cupboard that I brought for only $30.00. It is a perfect size to keep all these items together and very easily accessible. It turned out pretty cute! ...

I really love the two drawers in this cupboard. They are perfect for putting my current project in the left side and my pens, scissors, tapes and other small items in the right side! I'm really happy with the results!

In my larger cupboard I have my writing resources and work, my paints and brushes, canvases, letter writing supplies, sewing items, and art journals. It only took a couple of hours to achieve such a great organised space that I really enjoy using now! 

So, how about you? Will these steps help you to better organize your favourite space? Let me know how you go! I hope you enjoy!

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