Monday, 16 March 2015

Playing With Dollies ... At 33?

I'm nearly 33 ... is that too old to be playing with Dollies?! 

Well, I haven't been playing with them, more so 'making' them. Let me explain. I have been completely inspired by the work of Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh. Everything her Tree Change Dolls stand for is just beautiful. Giving these over-sexualised dolls that are mass produced by big toy companies, a more natural down-to-earth appearance. A little dolly that might look like someone a little girl actually knows! Sonia calls the process a 'make under', which is fantastic!

You can watch a bit of her story here. She also has some tutorial videos available so you can get started on creating your own! Sonia has an etsy shop too, if you'd prefer to purchase directly from her. I will not be selling mine, I'm just doing it as I think it's a much nicer way for my girls to play dollies!

My girls were given a few Barbie Dolls over the years, and I went op-shopping for some more of them (and some brats dolls, which I have strictly NEVER bought because of their sexual appearance) and I managed to find some for only a dollar each. 

Sonia not only changes the faces of her dolls, her very skilled Mother knits new clothing for them too, making them look even more innocent and adorable! I'm not the worlds best sewer, so that part of the make under won't be happening around here any time soon (I may be able to pay one of our Church ladies though ... hmmm) 

So I've just stuck with giving them new faces for now.  I've only done three so far; one I will probably take off and re-do again. She was my first one and I'm not all that happy with the end result of her. 

So, here they are! ...

This is Hope ... she likes sewing and working in the veggie garden!

And this is Claire, she loves climbing trees and baking! 

I have to be careful actually, because this could become quite addictive! 

As well as giving these two dolls a make under, I have been making 'Pocket Pals'. What are they you ask? 

I'll show you ... 

... they are cute little paddle-pop stick people (inspiration from Pinterest!) that I've decorated with washi tape clothes and drawn on their little hair-do's, legs and faces! These are perfect for putting in my handbag and taking them with me to places where my children (well my younger ones) need to play quietly. So far, they've been to the beach, the zoo and the shops! 

I love how easily portable they are and how they stir up in my children the love of innocent imaginative play! 

You may also remember that I love naming things. So, naturally, I've named these Pocket Pals too! ...

These dolls are definitely a frugal little toy! With the sticks only costing $2.00 for 80 (I even found 35 at an op-shop for $1.00), and a small amount of washi tape for their clothes, they are very inexpensive. 

The many hours spent enjoying these two different types of dollies? ... priceless.

Have you tried either of these before? Did you become addicted too?! 

I hope you're having a lovely week!

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  1. You did such a good job on the dolls! I love what Sonia is doing too, but I didn't know there were tutorials for doing it ourselves. Thanks for pointing me in that direction, I'll be sure to check that out. I love the way her dolls look, just like they could be friends with my daughter. I bet my daughter would love making under a doll too.

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I will warn you if you are going to start for yourself that it is very addictive!! But also very fun! Sonia has made a real impact hasn't she! I thought of letting my two girls do some too, I think any little girl would love it! I hope your daughter enjoys giving hers a make under! Have a lovely day!


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