Wednesday, 28 October 2015

My Personal Goals

So as I've previously shared in a post about 'helping your children set goals', as promised, I'm going to share with you the goals that I've set for myself. I've decided that I'll give myself this term to complete them, so that's until the big Christmas holiday break at the end of the year! Goodness, I better get a move on, that's not too far away!

People with goals succeed because they know where they're going.
 -Earl Nightingale.

I'm not putting myself under any stress to complete these goals, but I am trying to consistently achieve them. Which can be tricky because as wives and mothers, we tend to put our 'things' on hold until the 'need to do stuff' gets done. I believe we can still develop and grow as individuals while still being keepers of our homes and families, it may just take a bit of juggling and discipline. 

My Personal Goals ... 

  1. Complete three Craftsy art lessons - Coloured Pencil Drawing, Charcoal Portraits and                                                                     Portraiture.
  2. Fill my blue diary with quotes and snippets that I love from favourite books.
  3. Read all of the Jane Austen novels
  4. Finish reading 'Simply Tuesdays', and 'A Million Little Ways'
  5. Read all of the New Testament
  6. Post on both of my blogs fairly regularly.
  7. Wear more skirts this summer (purely because I wear pants all. the. time)
  8. Go on more walks around our neighbourhood (at least 2/week)
  9. Create different, healthy meals in the kitchen for my family.
  10. Learn more about essential oils, gardening, natural living etc.
I've tried to cover most areas of my life; talents, family, health and spiritual, so that hopefully, I can see some steady progress in these areas. I believe learning is life, it's not just confined to the time frame between primary school and high school. We can develop and grow all of our lives, not to glorify ourselves and our abilities, but to be useful in any way we can to glorify God, and be a testament to Him. 

What goals have you set for yourself lately? I'd love to know if yours are similar to mine, or if you've got others as well! 

Have a beautiful week!


  1. I have never been much of a goal-setter, but I am getting into it a wee bit lately. I love seeing others' book lists, so thank you for sharing yours :-)

    1. You're very welcome and thanks for visiting! iI hope you enjoy setting your goals :)

  2. Hi! Popped over from A LIttle R&R. Trying to be more intentional with my life and my goals! Thanks for posting!

  3. From your list I would say you will be a very busy lady. A suggestion is to put the Bible on an MP3 player and listen to it while going on your walks. Sometimes concepts really pop to me when I hear them instead of reading them. I have seasonal requirements as a gardener and various projects I work on during my off season, so I have not gotten into goal setting as such, I just have things I need to get done and do them.

    1. Hi Hannah, your idea of using an MP3 player is fantastic! I'll look into that! It sounds that you achieve quite a lot already even though your goals aren't 'written down'! Nice to have you here with us!

  4. What a list! Is seems like you have quite a bit of reading to do. I also blog about my goals and tend to keep the variety that you do. Books, healthy living, blog...I don't have a spiritual goal this month, but should probably add one back in!

    1. Yes, I do have lots of reading, but it's good!! Enjoy reaching your goals too :)

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, me too ... especially when it's with a cup of coffee or tea in hand! :)


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