Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Op-Shop Clothing Bargains!

I'm sure that it's no secret by now that I love op-shopping. The past couple of weeks, I've been visiting our local op shops with specific purchases in mind. Kids clothing. My eldest daughter is growing so fast her clothes can't keep up with her! While my children are in the season of turbo growth spurts, I'm not really wanting to spend a huge amount of money on clothes only worn for a while! Anyone else agree with me on this?!

And so therein lies my addiction enjoyment for op-shopping!

I personally don't believe that clothes are the be all and end all in a females life! I don't believe I/we have to have the latest and greatest brands names to look nice when I/we go out. But I do want us to look nice and dress appropriately. These things I teach my children too, particularly my daughters. They love coming with me to the op-shops and grabbing a beautiful summer dress, or a nice skirt or pants.

Another reason op-shopping is so exciting is because I'm providing what my family needs without spending hundreds of dollars of my husbands hard earned money. Most times we put together beautiful outfits for under $10.00! I do have a few 'rules', so to speak, that I keep in mind while rummaging around for a bargain!
  1. I never buy second hand underwear, socks etc ... for me that's just eeewww!
  2. I make sure I/kids try it on first before buying. It might only be $2-$3 but if you take item after item home that doesn't fit, you will actually end up wasting a fair amount of money over time.
  3. I thoroughly check the item over for damage (missing buttons, tears, rips, stains, fading, stretching etc) and only purchase if they're in very good condition.
  4. When buying shoes, I only buy the ones that look like they've been worn very little. Or sometimes I can even score brand new ones, with the original shop tag still on, for only a few small dollars! 
  5. I try and purchase items that can be mix/matched with other pieces so that our wardrobes stretch even further!
  6. I go into the shop, most times, with a fixed amount and come out either having kept to it, or paid under my budget amount.
  7. I always re-wash clothes, and spray and wipe out shoes with glen 20 (just in case!)
Not only have I been able to find my children some lovely clothes and shoes for this coming summer, I was able to find myself some too! I've also been able to find four new pairs of shoes for myself for under $20.00! For me, op-shopping is the things dreams are made of! 

Over the years I've decorated our home with beautiful art from op-shops for only a few dollars at a time; kept my family warm in winter with crotchet blankets (slightly obsessed!), lots of brilliant books, and brought kitchen odds and ends when needed (as with kids, things can sometimes get broken! When you only pay 20c, it doesn't matter!)

I am so thankful for op-shopping. I am so thankful that through them I can both provide what my family needs and use our income wisely. I know there are many people out there who are just as obsessed as I am with op-shopping! Are you?!

Some of our clothing finds ... 

Left dress $3.00, Middle dress $4.00, Right dress $4.00

Pants $5.00, Top $4.00

Left dress $3.00, Right dress $4.00

Top left $3.00, all others $4.00. Handbag, $10.00.
Shoes $4.00, Skirt $4.00
Pants $4.00, Top $4.00
Top $4.00
These cute little shoes $2.00 brand new!

All of these were only $4 each!

I do sometimes purchase things new, but only when they're on a fantastic special! 

I hope you're encouraged to see you don't have to spend lots of cash to look nice!


  1. Great buys! I would say 80% of our clothing is second hand also! And I love that you included #2! How many times I would come home and the clothing didn't fit. It is important to take the time to try items on no matter what the price. It isn't a bargain if you can't wear it! :)

    1. Oh Jes, I can't tell you enough how addicted I am! I think that if you and I met, we would chat and get to know each other over a cup of tea, followed by a good wander around all the local op-shops! It's definitely not a bargain if it just sits in the cupboard!

  2. I like thrifting, too! That handbag you bought caught my eye!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Yes, the handbag is my new favourite! :)

  3. It is good to browse the op shops. I often take some clothes with me and put them in the op shop bin before I go into the shop. Then I feel as if I am not cramming up my wardrobe.

    1. I think I'll be taking some clothes in next time too, make some more space! Thanks for the tip!

  4. I like the tops, very feminine and flattering. Unlike yourself I've rarely bought items from thrift shops. One of the main reasons being m husband. He grew up in a poor African family and as such he has a thing about buying things new especially for the children. While I have respected his wishes our local salvo op shop moved next to our pool shop. The other day we went to buy chemicals for the pool and I persuaded him to have a look in the op shop. I was pleasantly surprised that he bought his first ever thrift shop purchase a china dinner set for $6. He couldn't believe the price. Maybe more op shopping may be on the cards in the future.

    1. Yes the tops are very feminine and very comfortable too! I completely understand where your husband is coming from with not wanting older clothes for his children. A $6.00 dinner set is a bargain! I hope that more op-shopping is on the cards for you for sure! Have a great week!

  5. Hi sweet Elisha! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, my dear :) I enjoy thrifting and I must confess that I always start in the china section in hopes of finding a tea cup {{smiles}} I hope you are well and enjoying the week. {{{hugs}}}

    1. I collect tea pots and tea cups so I know what you mean about going straight to the china section! I've noticed I go through 'phases' when op-shopping too. I started out with art, then pottery, then crotchet blankets, then clothes and shoes (and always books!) ... oh well, it's just too much fun! I hope you're having a great week too!


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