Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Art In My Home

There are a few things that I see as important in making a house a home. Art is one of them. Obviously a home is much more than the 'things' we fill it with, actually it's got very little to do with that. I've found though, that being a creative person I'm drawn to things that are beautiful. Looking around my home and seeing beauty and colour and 'other worlds' that I've brought for pennies for my children to look at and enjoy is just another little something that makes my heart happy.

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home".

So here are a few of my favourite new op-shop paintings, they've all been purchased for under ten dollars. I just love a beautiful bargain! ...

This beautiful tree painting was brought for me from a very special friend,
she said it reminded her of me as I love trees so much!

This feels like home to me. And Anne of Green Gables. Oh how I'd love to live there! 
I couldn't resist this piece when I saw it in our local op-shop for only five dollars! I wonder what's beyond those woods?

Another wonderful friend humoured me when we were on a drive one day and pulled over at a garage sale for me to nab this gorgeous painting, and only twelve dollars! It hangs above our bed and I just love dreaming of living in that little shack!

My newest art addition, and I think it's stunning! A little bargain from another day trip out to a little country towns antique shop saw me quickly buying this lovely piece for just ten dollars! The colour of the water is just so perfect!

I love creating a home that is warm, cosy, interesting, inviting and full of character. I have a love of all things old-fashioned, art included. 

My mum says, 'You can never run out of wall space' ... I think I tend to agree.

Is art a way that you beautify your home too?

** Don't forget this is a part of the 31 Days challenge, my introduction can be found here **

I look forward to writing about Everything Home again for you tomorrow!

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