Saturday, 11 October 2014

Raised Veggie Garden Part One

Something that I really enjoy doing is re-purposing the old in to something new. Not only is it often cheaper, but the finished product has a lot more character, which is what I love the most!

As we are in a rental home, we try to make sure that anything we do is temporary and removable. At our last home, we not only had chickens, we also had a very large veggie garden. Seeing as the chickens are now tucked up in their coop, we thought it would be a good time to start the veggie patch!

We weren't wanting to spend a lot of money in making them, so I had a look around at what we already had in the shed and found some old windows that MR S was given on a job site, and I thought they would perfect to transform into the sides of a raised garden bed. Being married to a carpenter is so good!

This will be an on-going project over the next few weeks, as we add to them as the budget allows. We plan on paving around the edges of the beds hopefully with some left-over pavers that are not too expensive at the landscape suppliers. 

This time I'm going to try more companion planting with our veggies. Have you found that companion planting is worthwhile and effective? What do you think are the best combinations?

Our first step was to join all the windows together with screws, making sure they were braced with triple grip on the inside corners of the windows. The front side of the second garden bed has some overhang on each side, but I rummaged through the shed again and found some scrolled brackets that MR S screwed on the overhangs; they are perfect for hanging my watering can on and I'm thinking, maybe some teacups or something else that's a little bit whimsical. I'm not sure yet.

There are still quite a few things to get done before we start planting. We plan on lining the ground with black plastic, filling the planters with soil and fertiliser. Paving around the edges and adding a few extra pretties as we go along. I love the little statues of Beatrix Potter from my parents, I think they are a great start to the cute, whimsical, cottage feel that I hope to achieve.

So, this is the beginning of what we hope will be a lovely garden that will fill our kitchen with produce and be shared with family and friends. I'll be posting more about the gardens progress soon! I hope you've had a beautiful day!

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