Friday, 24 October 2014

Gloriously Blessed

I have to tell you all that I am the very excited owner of this amazing book ...

No doubt you know it, and I'm a tad slow on the up-take, but I ordered it early last week from Koorong, and it arrived on Monday this week! It's the perfect book to enjoy perusing at your own pace with a nice hot cup of tea.

Already I've been reminded of such beautiful truths in it's pages; both through the words and the pictures. The author of this lovely piece is Myquillyn Smith, from Nesting Place. To be honest, even though I enjoy looking through decorating/home books quite a bit, I wanted to purchase this book to see what 'all the fuss was about' ... I get it. It's beautiful. 

I'm so glad that I brought the hard cover copy too; it's perfect for the coffee table so it can just be grabbed and enjoyed!

The set of amazing hand made crotchet coasters can be found here and here, in case you're
wanting some for your home!

I love how, on page 51 in the chapter titled 'Giving up on perfect' Myquillyn writes ...

"You don't have to get perfect to have a pretty house. Most of us simply need to see the beauty in the imperfect. Because life is gloriously messy. We can find rest in our less than perfect circumstances when we figure out that no amount of striving can create the perfect life we think we are looking for. True rest comes when we realize that we can't get it from trying extra hard. We find rest when we give up".

Life is gloriously messy?? 

There's always messy here, but gloriously messy is a concept I am new to. 

Looking with fresh eyes around my home at things that I would normally be frustrated at, it was amazing the glorious messes that I found ...

Dirty dishes from times spent laughing and chatting over mealtimes. 

Spilled over school uniforms from children eager to go to their amazing school for the day! 

Piano stool and papers still out from a Son who can't help but tinkle his fingers over its keys every single day, filling our home with wonderful songs.

 Toys left out in the playroom from busy little imaginations and healthy minds creating countless miniature worlds together. (Although I don't think anyone will ever enjoy standing on lego!)

Out of the playroom and on the lounge room floor; evidence of my five year old being his gorgeous boyish self. Little fingers lining up cars; transformer shooting them down - his little world, and I was the audience.

Thongs thrown off feet, complete with bits of grass, leaves, prickles and paper. Signs of tree climbing, bodies soaring high on swings, jumping through the air on the trampoline and siblings playing happily in the sunshine together.

I could get used to this. 

Finding the 'glorious' in all the daily mess. 
It's all proof of a life lived well; the life that God chose to bless me with.
This one life; this one family ... 

And I am gloriously blessed.

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  1. Love your comments and perspective on a day...don't stress the small stuff:))

    Alexa from Sydney, Australia

    1. Thank you Alex! We're all too blessed to be stressed! Have a great week!


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