Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Decorating With Thrifty Treasures

One thing that I really enjoy about making a house a home is decorating. Especially when it's decorating from second-hand shops, op-shops, markets and garage sales. There are so many beautiful old pieces that cost so little and add to the cosy old-fashioned feel of my home. 

We've been on some day trips recently, and some trips to visit family and I found some lovely things to bring home. I'm learning that beautiful is good, but for me, beautiful + practical is even better (with the exception of a few things that are just plain beautiful!)

A home doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful. 

I bought this beautiful painting above from a Sunday Markets near my parents home while we were visiting. It was just ten dollars. I look forward to finding just the right spot for it!

When I saw this print at the markets I thought it was just gorgeous. I've seen much larger prints in a gallery shop near my parents house sold for over two hundred dollars each. This one is obviously much smaller, but who minds when you can buy it for just two dollars fifty?!

"The joy of junking comes not only from a great find, 
but also from that moment when you figure out how to breathe new life in to an old piece".

I'll be using this jewellery box (above) as a stationary holder on my art desk. I see it more suited to a desk than to jewellery, I look forward to filling its little drawers.

My Father in law told me he thought of me when he saw this beautiful carved timber box and he bought it for me as a gift. He's beginning to know me and my style quite well! He's a sweetheart (but he'll tell you he's not!)

 Two little art prints that I just thought were so full of character, imagination and whimsy I picked up at a newly found 'Collectors' shop on the drive home from visiting family. That shop was amazing, and I wish I had taken some photos to show you all, next time we visit I will, I know you'll love it! These little prints were only one dollar a piece. (I'm yet to clean them!)

When I saw this shelf I bought it originally thinking that I would be able to use it as a display shelf in my Market Stall. But when I thought about it further, I realised it's too bulky to fit into the car with what I already have to pack. So I'm re-purposing it as a wall shelf in my girls room! I bartered the gentleman stall holder down from twenty five dollars to only seventeen dollars fifty. I'll show you the finished shelf in their room when I've done it! I think it should turn out really well!

 "Any day is a perfect day for op-shopping"

These salt and pepper shakers were too beautiful to resist. They were only ten dollars for the pair and are just so lovely. The spoons below are only a very recent addition to everything vintage in my home. I saw on another beautiful blog (that I can't remember the name of now) how the lady had collected teaspoons to use for teas and coffees. She described them as 'beautiful yet practical'. My kind of decorating! So these lovely little spoons I have purchased for only fifty cents each at an op shop on our day trip. I think they look very pretty, don't you?

Two beautiful teacups that I couldn't pass up, even though they are without their matching saucers. They are just so pretty. They were under five dollars each.

I love art and this water colour painting (above) is just stunning. I also love birds, especially small ones. So this painting is absolutely perfect (though still needing a clean too!). I love the title of the piece too, 'All in the Family'. A steal at just one dollar.

I have a small and lovely home business that is still in its early stages; it's called 'Juniper Tree - Cards and Gifts'. These teacups (above and below) I purchased to make into natural soy wax candles. It's so nice having a little business that combines quiet a few of my favourite things; photography (cards), candles, vintage china and op-shopping! 

Lastly is this gorgeous little clock. I still need to purchase a battery for it, however it has a home for now on my bedside table. After purchasing this one, I saw an identical one at a different antique shop in a different town that was sixty-four dollars. This one was meant for me as it was only a tiny four dollars! 

There is no hard and fast rule to decorating. I believe you can decorate to suit whatever budget, whether generous or meagre. Whether you're a minimalist or not. Whether your style is vintage or modern.

I have decorated this home using mostly pre-loved items that are not only beautiful, but very kind to the purse strings. You can decorate and create the home that you love without having to spend lots of money. 

Home is home, however it's decorated.

I hope you've had a lovely day, see you all again tomorrow!

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