Sunday, 19 October 2014

Our Cats

As I added some photos of our cats, I was surprised by how many photos I actually had of them! This is just a very quick post sharing our beautiful little Kitty's with you. 

Cat lovers will understand the comfort and pleasure a little furry friend or two can provide to a home. The sweetness of their paws and face; the humming of their purr; the softness of their little coats. They bring such delight! 

Our children love them to pieces, and so do MR S and I!

Here they are ... 

Ollie - our ginger older male and
Half Pint - our younger latte coloured male. 

I know it's a lot of photos, and it's really a 'nothing' kind of post, but we just love having cats in our home! I know that God must have made these beautiful sweet creatures to snuggle and love; not just to catch mice! 

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