Monday, 29 September 2014

A Bad Habit

I've found myself lately becoming such a procrastinator. 
I have all these plans to do so many things - yet I don't get around to doing them. 

I'm in the habit of thinking that because I'm learning new things about my interests, that I'm making progress. Learning is always good - but unless I'm 'doing' with the learning it all remains unpracticed. There was a time where I was constantly taking photo's, writing, making art and I saw progress, not necessarily huge amounts, but progress none the less.

One thing I've learnt is procrastination seems harmless at the time, but too much procrastination leads to exhaustion; a dimming down of ones flame. 

It takes a great amount of energy to wrestle silent the pulls of ones passions. 

It's all time lost; all skills gone unrefined; all hearts put on hold.

It's been said that 'comparison is the thief of joy'. I think it could also be said that 'procrastination is the thief of joy'. It becomes a thief of our time, our energy, our passions, our progress and if practiced long enough, the very make-up of who we were made to be.

It's interesting how give such a fitting example of the use of the word procrastination. Its example is "too much research is one of procrastination's most elegant disguises". 

This is the habit I've gotten into - information in, little results out. It's so unsatisfying. I feel all dried up and wrung out. Only a little like myself.

So I shall begin forming the habit again; practicing enjoying the things I love more regularly. Allowing myself to be me.

Letting my passions come alive ...

Monday, 1 September 2014

First Day of Spring!

Did everyone have a lovely August? I sure did! 

I'm listening to tiny little fairy wrens whistling outside in our trees, the skies are a crisp sapphire blue and the breeze is fresh and soft; what a gorgeous first day of spring!

Here are the photos that I snapped for the August Instagram Photo Challenge ...

Day one #colour

Day two #comfort

Day three #Bible

Day Four #pet

Day five #books

Day six #smile

Day seven #window

Day eight #home
Day nine #relax

Day ten #sky
Day eleven #food
Day twelve #art

Day thirteen #hobby

Day fourteen #toy

Day fifteen #favourite

Day sixteen #thankful
Day seventeen #garden
Day eighteen #family

Day nineteen #sunlight
Day twenty #breakfast
Day twenty one #hands

Day twenty two #new growth

Day twenty three #kitchen
Day twenty four #husband
Day twenty five #soft

Day twenty six #music

Day twenty seven #furniture

Day twenty eight #funny
Day twenty nine #thankful

Day thirty #me

If you missed out on joining in for the month of August ... then don't worry! I'm hosting another Instagram Challenge this month, starting today! This one is a more relaxed style of challenge and I'm calling it 'Grateful For'. You all know how I love to note the things that I am grateful for in my life and I would like you to join me in taking a photo (or photos) each day of something that you are grateful for! The theme stays the same each day, #gratefulfor. Sound easy?! Yep it is! 

Steps to be involved ...

  1. Comment below with your Instagram Account Name and let me know that you're joining in!
  2. Follow 'sufficientgraceblog' on Instagram!
  3. Take your 'grateful for' photo/s each day and post to Instagram.
  4. Use these hashtags so we can all find each other ... #sufficientgraceblog #gratefulfor 
  5. Share, share, share!! Spread the challenge on your blogs, facebook pages etc! The more the merrier!

I can't wait to see all your photos and I hope that you end up with a full heart by the end of the month! 

This is my first photo for the first day of spring and the #gratefulfor challenge! ...

#sufficientgraceblog #gratefulfor
I'm so grateful for the love and support of my husband.
A girl couldn't ask for a better man xxxx

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