Monday, 29 September 2014

A Bad Habit

I've found myself lately becoming such a procrastinator. 
I have all these plans to do so many things - yet I don't get around to doing them. 

I'm in the habit of thinking that because I'm learning new things about my interests, that I'm making progress. Learning is always good - but unless I'm 'doing' with the learning it all remains unpracticed. There was a time where I was constantly taking photo's, writing, making art and I saw progress, not necessarily huge amounts, but progress none the less.

One thing I've learnt is procrastination seems harmless at the time, but too much procrastination leads to exhaustion; a dimming down of ones flame. 

It takes a great amount of energy to wrestle silent the pulls of ones passions. 

It's all time lost; all skills gone unrefined; all hearts put on hold.

It's been said that 'comparison is the thief of joy'. I think it could also be said that 'procrastination is the thief of joy'. It becomes a thief of our time, our energy, our passions, our progress and if practiced long enough, the very make-up of who we were made to be.

It's interesting how give such a fitting example of the use of the word procrastination. Its example is "too much research is one of procrastination's most elegant disguises". 

This is the habit I've gotten into - information in, little results out. It's so unsatisfying. I feel all dried up and wrung out. Only a little like myself.

So I shall begin forming the habit again; practicing enjoying the things I love more regularly. Allowing myself to be me.

Letting my passions come alive ...


  1. Oh my, I think I need to refuel myself. It's so easy to say "later" which eventually turns into "never". Scary. I don't wanna lose my time to nothing, my skills and my passion as well. Thanks for this wake up call.

    1. It happens faster than we realize! Have a great week getting things done!

  2. Very true Elisha! I like the quote about too much research causing procrastination! This is something I struggle with too! Perhaps it is a perfectionist problem as well... we want to do it perfect and therefore we never get around to doing it! It was nice seeing you at the Art of Home-Making Mondays again! Have a productive week! :)

    1. It's absolutely a perfectionist trait, we are our own worst enemies sometimes! I've had a fairly productive week thanks, and I hope you have too! I do enjoy your blog and look forward to visiting you again Jes! :)


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