Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The Strangle.

There’s a strangle that takes hold of our hearts. A pressure that with each tightening squeeze causes all hope to diminish. A throttle that restricts life; stops the flow of all that is good and right and true.
And this world is the beast controlling the grip, the one applying the pressure. As if the grip takes on an audible voice that accuses, "you're not good enough", "you're an absolute mess", "just give up". The pressure, it restricts, it binds, it causes deep internal harm.
And we try to operate with our full agenda's, with our hearts in a vice and barely functioning. Each step we take, each task we strive to complete is met with exhaustion and no release of the clamp on our four-chambered soul.
And this half-dead functioning is not what our hearts were designed for. It's not it's default operating system. And we know this, but we're still strangled. And so we continue on and on, loosing our breath, just seconds away from cardiac arrest, until we draw in enough oxygen to cry out for help.
And then He comes. He comes charging, rushing forth in full battle mode with our hearts in His view. He reaches in and He releases the death-grip, He alleviates the worlds crush. With His nail scarred hands He massages the very life blood back into our vessels. With each beat it strengthens, it crimson glows, it courses and swells with life and health and truth. Our beat becomes His beat; we live and breath in one rhythm.
His voice whispers to us, "I am enough", "I'm making you beautiful", "Just let me".
And the strangle is gone.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Enchanting Rose 10th Tea Cup Exchange Reveal!

This year I participated in The Enchanting Rose's 10th Tea Cup Exchange! 

This was my first time joining in this exchange, and I must say, it was so beautiful to be a part of!

I was sent this beautiful tea cup package all the way from New Zealand, from the very lovely Kimberley!

Here's what I received ...

I'm so happy with my little surprise package, and love the tea cup and hand knitted dish cloth especially! Thank you Kimberley!

If you're wanting to see the reveal for others tea cup packages, click here! You can find out how to join in the next tea-cup exchange here!

I hope you all have a lovely week! 
I'm going off to make a nice, hot cup of TiOra tea! 

Monday, 27 February 2017

My Anti-bonkers Scheme!

"Do we have to do school today Mum?"

"Can I just play with lego?"

"I'm really tired today"

"This lesson is too hard!"

I'm sure we've all heard these delightful persistent comments as home school mummies at some time or another! 

Or maybe you've heard this? ...

"What do I have to do again?"

"I can't remember what you said to do"

"I was just looking at this picture ... I'm almost finished ... almost"

"What subject am I doing now?"

"Oh, no, I didn't get that quite finished ..."

 I was beginning to hear myself giving too many instructions and reminders time and time again, and I thought to myself ... this has got to stop or I'll go completely bonkers!

I planned and initiated an intense, organisational program, that I completed in one month, to establish order and structure in our home school days ...

... pppffffffttt yeah right!

You know what I use?

A 49c exercise book!

I call it our 'day book' and each child has one ...

... here's what they look like ...

They begin with the day and the date, and then I write out what is required for each child to complete each day.

The circles are their 'check-point' (a.k.a. the silent motivator!) 
My children know that when their check-points are ticked off (and their space tidied up), then they are free for the rest of the day! Obviously, I do require them to show me their completed work, so that I can make sure that they ARE ACTUALLY doing it, and doing it to a high standard! 

Here's the reasons why I love this method ...

#1.    It's so easy
#2.    It's very cheap
#3.    It's easy for the kids to follow and understand
#4.    I know that the kids are on track with their learning each week
#5.    It's great for writing little reminders and encouragements to them
#6.    There's no need to be 'precious' with them, as they cost so little!
#7.    A written record is kept in these books for their reporting
#8.   **My most favourite part** ... the kids motivate themselves!
#9.    I can add as little or as much as each child needs, or according to our days other                       activities.   

I also try and plan a week, sometimes only a few days, ahead ... but that's more for my benefit than the kids (consider it my 'anti-bonkers scheme'!)

There are weeks when I don't use these books for one reason or another, and let me tell you, it's so incredibly noticeable ... not in a good way. There's more distractions, less being achieved, and less productivity in general.  

These small little investments 
have had very big rewards!

When I first brought the exercise books, I wrote some reminders and encouragements to each child in the front of their own book ...


... and that's it! Our easy peasy way to be productive and stay on track!

(**Disclaimer ... these books are not magic wands and by no means solve issues such as stated in the following examples: sibling rivalry, world hunger, who's unpacking the dishwasher, or who spilt the maple syrup on the kitchen floor**)

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