Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The Strangle.

There’s a strangle that takes hold of our hearts. A pressure that with each tightening squeeze causes all hope to diminish. A throttle that restricts life; stops the flow of all that is good and right and true.
And this world is the beast controlling the grip, the one applying the pressure. As if the grip takes on an audible voice that accuses, "you're not good enough", "you're an absolute mess", "just give up". The pressure, it restricts, it binds, it causes deep internal harm.
And we try to operate with our full agenda's, with our hearts in a vice and barely functioning. Each step we take, each task we strive to complete is met with exhaustion and no release of the clamp on our four-chambered soul.
And this half-dead functioning is not what our hearts were designed for. It's not it's default operating system. And we know this, but we're still strangled. And so we continue on and on, loosing our breath, just seconds away from cardiac arrest, until we draw in enough oxygen to cry out for help.
And then He comes. He comes charging, rushing forth in full battle mode with our hearts in His view. He reaches in and He releases the death-grip, He alleviates the worlds crush. With His nail scarred hands He massages the very life blood back into our vessels. With each beat it strengthens, it crimson glows, it courses and swells with life and health and truth. Our beat becomes His beat; we live and breath in one rhythm.
His voice whispers to us, "I am enough", "I'm making you beautiful", "Just let me".
And the strangle is gone.

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