Sunday, 15 March 2015

Using Our Gifts.

I'm not a published writer by any stretch of the imagination. I did, however spend a lot of time in high school writing poetry. I remember eating my lunch while scribbling out a new poem that I hoped I could read later when I got home! 

For some reason, the words just seemed to flow out of me in rhyme. They still do, although now I rarely take the time to write them down. It's hard sometimes to find the time, and to discipline yourself to write; to stay practised in it.

I thought that I would share some works that I wrote while in high school, hoping that it might get me motivated to begin writing poetry again!

Food For The Forest.

I once gazed upon a tree,
rugged, tough - but beautiful.
Marks and gashes,
extending from it's sturdy branches.
A sight of beauty, awe and wonder - 
but also a sight of sadness,
as the hour was near for the tree,
to drink it's last drink from
the water of life,
and die, only to live
once again,
as a source of food for the forest.

(copy write Elisha Wolter 8-6-99)

Etchings On Gold.

Mold me, fold me, burn me
show me Your hearts desire.
Teach me what You want me to know,
scratch out the darkness,
polish it with Your light.
Make my being shine - for You.
Make my heart of purest gold;
etch all my dreams, hopes and plans.
Etch Yourself into my soul.
Mold me, fold me, burn me -
with Your refiners hand.

(copy write Elisha Wolter 1999)

A few years ago, I compiled a small book as a 'lucky door prize' for a ladies Church event we were having. I've done nothing with it since! But, that doesn't matter to me at the moment; it's very satisfying to see my written works and my photographs all together in one book! 

I want to encourage you that if you have a gift or talent and you're not sure what to do with it, there's no loss in starting small. There's no loss in taking little steps, practising and being faithful with where you are now, and what God has given you to do now. After all, He tells us if we're faithful in the little things, He'll bless us with the big things. 

Go after your dreams, use your talents and gifts. Don't let them stagnate. I know we're all busy as wives and mothers, but even just 10 minutes a day doing something to further what God has given us is a mini step in the right direction. Nothing is wasted with God. Not one thing.   

At this stage, I have no idea what God will do with my little book, if anything. I have written some poems as an adult that I will share with you one day. They are mostly poems about motherhood (I think, if I remember correctly!)

Let's try as much as we can together to use what we've been given for God's glory! Even if we just begin with small steps ... they are still a step in the right direction!

Have a beautiful week!


  1. What a fantastic book you have made of your work. It is lovely! Thanks for joining HSH!


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