Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Family Friendly Wednesday: Pondered Treasures

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. (Luke 2:19) 
I had asked my four year old son to get out something for a task for me to do, and to my surprise he began doing it for me! Unasked and happily! My heart melted. My first reaction was to quickly grab my iPhone, take a photo and post it on IG and FB. Then I stopped and thought, ‘hang-on, this was a moment just for me to enjoy’. I wonder how many times we rob ourselves of ‘pondering’ things over in our own hearts, by just quickly broadcasting it to people who do care, but not exactly the same as we do.
FB and IG are great tools of communication if they are used positively, and especially if we live away from extended families, or children studying away from home etc. However, this thought really stirred in my heart a desire to always ‘keep’ something as just my own, or just between my husband and I, or our immediate family. This is what helps to create family culture, identity, memories and bonds. It’s what makes a heart filled with irreplaceable, priceless, treasure memories of our children once they are gone and left home. The really special things I record in my diary. I still take photos of these moments (because I do love photographs, and IG for that matter!), but just save the gems to my camera roll instead of posting to FB or IG.
Treasured:  to keep or regard as precious; value highly. Cherished, precious, wanted, loved.
Pondering:  deeply or seriously thoughtful. To weigh in the mind with thoroughness and care. To be reflective.
Of course when this was said of her, Mary was pondering on the things that the shepherds spoke of, concerning what the angels had proclaimed about the beautiful boy she has just given birth to. But I can’t help but think if she had acquired a beautiful habit that would have filled her memory with beautiful treasures that were just hers as her son grew into a man.  Can you see her? Admiring her son, the Son of God. Admiring His wisdom, His kindness. Being full of motherly pride when she saw Him bend down low to help those in need; the lowest, the ‘scummy one’s’ of society. I wonder if she blabbed it all over the market place what her son was doing, what her son said. I don’t think she ever did. I think she continued in the habit of quietly pondering.
There’s nothing wrong with being proud of our children’s achievements, character, skills etc. But I think Mary was on to something. She reflected, not rushed. She pondered, not paraded. She treasured up, not talked out. She filled her heart, not filled her need of outward praise. What a beautiful example to us mothers in just that little sentence in Luke.
Before I reach, before you reach to ‘announce’ positive things on FB or IG, be picky and choosy. Obviously I don’t not share anything at all for others to see, but I do first consider if it’s a beautiful treasure that God has gifted only me with to ponder upon in my heart. I hope you do too!

Take the time to enjoy cherishing your moments thoroughly!

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