Friday, 16 August 2013

Faith Talk Friday: Tuning In

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”
― Zig Ziglar
I've been pondering again lately. Thinking about paying attention and tuning in. There are so many things that fight for my attention, so many things that require my concentration.
While cooking dinner the other night, I had a moment where I 'snapped back' to reality as I realised that the whole time my son had been speaking to me, I was daydreaming about writing. It was a great daydream too, I had some great ideas floating around in there! Then I thought that regardless of how great those ideas were, my son needed me to listen and I should've tuned in to his needs in that moment.
This brain of mine gets so easily distracted (as I'm sure every woman's brain does!) and so I find myself having to be purposeful in tuning in to the most important things. To practise tuning in. To make sure I actually stop my mind from wandering, or my hands from being so busy, or my heart from being lead astray by emotions, and really tune in to the right things at the right time.
Are we missing what's important right now for things that can wait till later?
Here's some things we could enjoy that we would otherwise miss if we don't tune in ...
  • realising just how good our husbands are to us (and thanking him)
  • discovering the individual world of our children that they want to share with us
  • many kisses and cuddles
  • seeing when your husband needs some encouragement and love
  • enjoying the beautiful world that God has made
  • seeing little hands at work
  • their smiles of love and adoration
  • getting to really know the hearts of those you love
  • making memories that will last eternally
  • seeing each new day as an opportunity to show Christ in everything
  • being a listening ear to someone who just needs someone to relate to
  • inspiration for our talents and hobbies that is everywhere
  • to write that card to that person who needs encouragement
  • laughing until our stomachs ache with our husband and children
  • opportunities to make an impact in even one persons heart for today
These are some things that are not so nice, but still important to tune into ...
  • when there is sin in our lives that keeps us from knowing God that should be dealt with
  • when there is sin in our children's hearts that needs addressing
  • when we have wronged someone and need to ask for forgiveness and apologise
  • when we keep putting off prayer and reading His word
  • when we need to deal with past hurts that are holding us back for the future
  • when we need to forgive someone who's wronged us
I'm sure you could add more to both these lists, but the most important thing that we miss out on when we are too distracted is being tuned into the voice of God. Hearing His direction, wisdom, guidance and comfort.
So, in an effort to 'tune in' more myself each day, I've have been taking photos (surprise surprise!) of the things I've enjoyed ... although, some I've kept to myself too ;)



What little moments have you loved tuning into this week?

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