Monday, 19 August 2013

Be Inspired Monday: A Brilliant Read

So, I've just started this book that I can't put down. You know those ones? Where you want to read it instead of making dinner, or feeding the dogs, or hanging out the washing, or replying to emails, or ... sleeping?! Yep, I was up late again last night, snuggled in deeply to my bed enjoying this brilliant life story. I haven't really payed for it today like I thought I would though, I think sometimes I tell myself that because it's 'doing me good' in my heart and mind, then what's a bit of sleep deprivation?!
I heard of this book when I went to Hillsong conference, and it's written by Christine Caine.
If you've ever heard her speak, you will know that she is a fire dart; speaking truth, pouring out her own life experiences so honestly, then powerfully telling of how God has turned her life full circle. She glorifies Him above all else and spurs us on to do the same. This book is exactly like that.
Yes, it will convict you. It's not all sweet apple pie and roses. It's blunt and to the point but filled with oh so much hope! It's brimming with hope! I'm about half way through and I'm already planning on staying up late to finish this treasure. Do you find yourself excitedly 'planning' in late reading nights too? They're the best! Although I haven't read it all through yet, I know that with this book there will be given hope, but there will also be given something that every female heart longs for.
The name of the book?


Christine is also the author and founder of the A21 Campaign, 'Abolishing Injustice in the 21st Century', where she and her team put hands and feet to their faith and make a difference in the lives of so many who are treated unjustly.
If you haven't read this book, see if you can grab a copy from someone to borrow, or check out the local library ,or your church library, or you could buy yourself a copy. One thing I know is that I've already thought of a few people in my life who would get so much hope out of reading this too, so I might just buy them a copy (as they won't be borrowing my kindle!). It's that kind of book, one that you want to pass on, so that's why I'm sharing it here with you!
Well, all that said I think I'll go and put the washing on the line ... nah! Who am I kidding? I'm going to go read ...
What have been some of those 'can't put down' books you've read?!

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