Monday, 12 August 2013

Be Inspired Monday: Great New Music

My family are music lovers. We play instruments (well, the kids anyway! I'm 'dabbling' with guitar and piano), we sing along with it (obviously) and there is rarely a day that goes by without it being listened to (sometimes really loudly!) and absolutely loved. It's an easy way to create a beautiful atmosphere in your home for those you love! Don't you agree?!
I thought I'd inspire you with some new tunes we've been enjoying lately. Some artists we already  knew but just bought their new albums, and some we've had the great pleasure of stumbling across.
I have included links to a song from each album, and some information about the artist, so I hope that you really like listening to these great songs!
  • "Mercy Me - The Worship Sessions" I saw this in the Koorong catalogue for 10 bucks ... bargain! My favourite song on this album is 'Just as I am'.

  • "Leeland -Sound of Melodies".  When I went to Hillsong Conference in Sydney this year, Leeland performed live, and they were amazing! Really amazing! 'Carried to the Table' is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Ever.
  • "Kari Jobe". I heard Kari live at Hillsong as well and the sound of her voice is haunting, it goes right through you. Stunning performer. 'Beautiful' is well ... beautiful!
  •  "Hillsong - Glorious Ruins". Obviously from when I went to conference. It's a great album that declares that God can make something beautiful out of our ruins. My favourite song? Glorious Ruins!


  • "Jason Gray - A Way to see in the Dark". I stumbled across this guy the other week through another blog (now I can't remember the blog - but whoever you are, thank you!) and I am hooked. He is raw, real and so inspiring. It's actually hard to choose a favourite on this album ... 'Remind Me Who I am' is fabulous, 'Without Running Away' is challenging and 'Nothing Is Wasted' is full of hope. He also has such incredibly powerful and creative music videos with his songs; he is just so honest and uplifting.
Well, I hope you enjoy these great albums! Are your family music lovers too? What are your family favourites? If these links haven't worked, please let me know, I really want you to hear these tunes! Which one is your favourite?

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