Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Family Friendly Wednesday: Home Happenings

We've been enjoying ourselves the last little while. Although there has been sickness in the home, we have still been trying to make the most of our days. I'm a very glad the sickness is on it's way out though! Definitely makes a mothers job even more challenging!
Mr R enjoyed driving his cars and trucks through the dirt. It's what every boy needs; cars trucks, dirt a tractor and a shed! He makes the best sounds effects when he drives and as you can see, he is such a happy little man!
 We enjoyed a visit from my mum (prior to sickness) and had a great time together. The kids love colouring in with Nana and they enjoyed exploring outside with her and lots of cuddles. Mum and I went out to lunch together and had a great time chatting and laughing together! I love my mum!
I love Little Mr R's head poking through in this photo!
This was a beautiful sight that I walked in to one morning ... two little chilluns snuggled up with books. Oh how I love that my kids love books! I love the smile on Mr R's face as he listens to the enthusiastic reading of Little Miss J.
Mr S. reading Gulliver's Travels while resting from sickness. Days home sick from school are always best spent with a book. He looks so relaxed.
Our kids love to have adventures at home. This is our very tall Honeysuckle tree that they enjoy climbing (which gives mummies prayer life much exercise!) And these chairs are the cubby house rooms and door etc. (yes I checked they were stable!) I love how my kids can create their own fun!
We have a favourite park that we like to visit as often as possible. It is almost magical, especially when the sun shines through the trees and the kids go hiding under the branch rooves. We have discovered lots of beautiful things at this park and the kids rarely hesitate to visit such a glorious spot for a picnic lunch.
Our beautiful friend came up for a visit for a week and brought her lovely little daughter (who shares the same name as our Little Miss J) for some play time with Mr R. We visited a local lavender farm and enjoyed morning tea together and walking through the rows of gorgeous smelling flowers.
 This lovely lady is such a precious friend, and we enjoyed many late nights scrapbooking, chatting, laughing till our stomachs ached and eating probably waaayyy too much cookies and cream ice-cream. We went for coffee and lunch and a fantastic night out at our church (a post to come on that later!!)
These two little cuties had such wonderful fun together, and it was such a blessing to have them visit!
"Life is what you make it", quote un-quote my wonderful husband. We love making this life as beautiful as possible together ... after all, we only get one!
Enjoy your week! I've linked up with A Wise Woman for more inspiration for you!


  1. I looked forward to our visit for weeks; seeing you, your family, walking down your red dirt drive. And then to just be with you, have our little ones play like they were made for each other... ahhh, just so precious! And now I'm back home, feeling good and refreshed - So, thank you, Darling friend for the many blessings. You're a treasure! N xo

    1. It was such a great time that's for sure! Our little ones did play so well, it was very relaxing. I love how you show me such a beautiful perspective on life and the many blessings we have! I'm glad that you've gone back home refreshed! I think that next time, however, we should definitely not leave it so long between visits! You're an even bigger treasure okay?! xo


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