Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Family Friendly Wednesday: Lovely Poetry

We have a beautiful friend (with her beautiful daughter) visiting with us this week, so I am hoping to be computer free as much as possible so we can make the most of our time together! So, today's post is just a couple of sweet little poems I found, that I hope you enjoy!

"The Home I Love"       
Some homes are quiet, polished, neat
But one I know is far more sweet
Where tiny smudges on the wall
Tell of fingers dear and small.
Where toys are sometimes strewn about
And doors are banging in and out.
Where little children play and sing,
And laughter's often heard to ring...
The home I love is filled with noise
Of happy little girls and boys!    
Author: Kay Hoffman
There's a special kind of closeness
that only families know,
That begins with childhood trust
and deepens as you grow.

There's a special kind of happiness
in sharing little things,
The laughter, smiles, and quiet talks
that daily living brings.

There's a special kind of comfort
in knowing your family's there,
To back you up, to cheer you up
to understand and care.

Of all the treasures life may bring,
your family means the most,
And whether near or far apart,
That love will hold you close
Author: Glenda Campbell
I hope you're all having a beautiful week!

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