Friday, 25 October 2013

FTF: String and A Bag Full of Rocks

I don't usually post two posts in one day.
But, today, I think there is someone out there who needs to hear what I've been learning along the way. We aren't that separated, even though by distance, we are still made of the same essence; our issues in life are common. 
I hope what you read here today gives hope to your heart.
Lord, sometimes there are so many distractions going through my mind.
Distractions that can consume my thoughts and cloud my vision.
I see string; mixed up, knotted together, becoming useless for the purpose for which it was made. This knotted string hinders.
Hinders me from the here and now. From moving forward.
Distracts from the laughing; the way the warmth of his manly skin soothes me in his embrace; to look into the eyes of four little blessings and really see.
I can lay in bed at night thinking through all this tangled mess and trying to see how it all fits together. Try to separate it all out. I can think on these things until they become a strangling rock-filled sack around my heart; weight too cumbersome to move forward.
What do you really want me to see?

What is it that will make all these tunnel-visioned distractions move aside to see what's really important and necessary to life?
You want me to see You.
You want me to see that You are the only One who will take that hindrance mess and smooth it out; untangle the strands.

You are the only one to take that burden bag and empty it right out; scattering its contents, till it's hold on my heart is released.

My focus needs to be You. For by focussing on You and You alone, everything else becomes clearer. Everything is noticed. Everything is cause to give thanks. To rest in knowing that by You and through You and for You all things hold together.
Even string.
Your grace and Your beauty is seen in every second of the day.
Eyes looking at you means eyes are free to really see.
Free to see truth, the things of real value and worth, the steps to take, the path to navigate.
Take the string and the bag Lord and do with it what You will.
(All photographs are the property of Sufficient Grace please do not copy in any way, thanks)

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