Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Letter To My Beautiful Readers

Dear Beautiful Reader,
My best friend was reading through my blog the other day and she constructively commented that "If I didn't know you and I read your blog, I would think 'here's a woman who's got it all together'".
Let me clarify.
I definitely do not have it all together.
I apologise if I've given that impression because actually, the reality is, I am wanting this space to be a place where we learn to rely on His Sufficient Grace in our imperfections.
It was just yesterday that I was yelling at my kids, I had a small argument with my man who I love to pieces, I didn't do any house-work and the house looks like a scene out of world war three. I didn't have quiet time with God and I didn't really pray about much either.
I gave in to my selfish nature and said things that needed forgiveness. My attitude can sometimes really stink.
I'm not perfect here. I stuff up all the time.
The beautiful thing about His Sufficient Grace in my life is that it is extended freely to me when I fall short, and that is often. It's extended to you too.
It is extended to me when I fall on my knees in those times where I just don't think I am the person for the job; how can I mother these four children? How can I always be a wife that looks out for his interests and lovingly supports and encourages him too?
My life sometimes gets overwhelming.

The role of wife and mother (and all of our other roles too) has a way of bringing out things in us that we would just as soon not face. Life does actually.
I desire this place to be real, I don't want to give you false pictures of beds of roses and everything being 'peachy keen'.
I simply try to choose to see things through His Sufficient Grace and keep my eyes on His beauty and the good moments. I struggle with my personal thoughts being out on the world wide web as it makes me vulnerable; it scares me, to be honest. Especially when I write about my family. Being vulnerable is something I've never liked.
I desire this blog to be more than 'writing practise'. I desire this blog to connect with you, to meet you in a real way and inspire you ... even if that means being more of an 'open book' and admitting that I'm still learning about everything and failing along the way.
 So again, I apologise, I hope from now on I can have a bit more courage in being more real, yet still be drawn to the beauty of His Sufficient Grace in my life.
Thank you for 'showing up' and reading what I share. Your being here makes it all worthwhile.
Love in Christ,


  1. Thanks for sharing your heart with us! It is encouraging to hear that other Godly women 'lose it' with their kids/hubby and life in general... I do sometimes wonder if the woman in Prov 31:10 ever lost it too... Was she exempt from human nature.. or is she the ideal that a man wants... I wonder. You are such a rich beautiful woman and I love reading about your life!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Sufficient Grace and thank you for the encouraging comments you gave. I also wonder about the Proverbs 31 woman; and the times she probably did fall short were covered in His grace too. God is good! Hope to see you here again!


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