Friday, 25 October 2013

FTF: Cynthia Heald Study Number Three

Well our small study group is on to our third of Cynthia Heald's studies for the year! I think it's very safe to say that we enjoy her teaching very much! We are now going through, "Becoming a Woman of Freedom". If you haven't tried one of her studies yet and you want to, then get started! You won't be disappointed!
We are up to chapter four next week. So far, chapters one to three have been amazing. Full of Biblical truth, encouragement and opportunity for growth. I've really enjoyed being in a group while doing all these studies as it's so amazing to hear what God is doing in the lives of my friends and also to hear their perspective and what God's been teaching them. The fellowship of discussing and answering the questions together has really drawn more out of this study for all of us.
Here are the topics covered in this study:
  • Laying Aside Hindrances: Running with Freedom
  • Laying Aside the Old Self: Running with the New Self
  • Laying Aside the Past: Running with an Eternal Perspective
  • Laying Aside Pleasing People: Running with Fellowship
  • Laying Aside Bitterness: Running with Forgiveness
  • Laying Aside Busyness: Running with Rest
  • Laying Aside Anxiety: Running with Peace
  • Laying Aside Doubt and Fear: Running with Faith and Trust
  • Laying Aside the Flesh: Running with the Spirit
I am really enjoying getting deeper into the Word through this study. It has revealed areas in my life that are still needing God's gracious work in, and I'm thankful that He brings these things to my attention lovingly and tenderly and He then helps me learn the lessons.

If you are wanting a really beautiful, Biblically accurate and challenging study, then any of Cynthia's would be great for you. Her studies are so good for getting to know our amazing God and Saviour even more deeply.
Be sure to let me know if you've started one of her studies and what you think about them!
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