Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Taking In The Moments; Crossing Off # 1 and Laughing Lots While We're At It!

So, we have crossed one activity off our 'Taking In The Moments' school holiday list, and I just need to tell you all that it was so much more fun than I thought it was going to be! We did some 'photo collage art' together ...

At first my eldest son (twelve) Mr S, wasn't impressed with the idea (I think that's typical of boys his age!), but I asked if he could do one just for me. He did one, and enjoyed it so much that he went on to do another two! We all laughed so hard together!

Yesterday was freezing cold and windy, so it really was the best day to be snuggled up inside with the fire place roaring and a family making easy, cheap and hilarious memories. You really need to try it with your kids! When MR S arrived home from work, he even sat down and did one, he's so good like that. He loves memory making too.

Here they are, and maybe I'm biased, but get ready to laugh ... !!!

The one above was created by four year old Mr R ... pretty cute I think!

The following ones are done by Little Miss J ...

This bath one is my favourite of Little Miss J's!

Mr S did the following ones, as he didn't really want to join in, he ended up doing some very funny ones! ...

This is MR S's one ...

These next ones are created by Little Miss P, I love them all! ... 

And these ones are mine ...

Have any of you already made these together? I hope that you will give them a go, and that you laugh as hard and as much as we all did!

Have a fun-filled week!


  1. Oh that's a very cool idea. I can see a couple of my kids liking this activity. xx

  2. What a wonderful list of activities you made up! I love this idea and can see how much fun it would be! We will have to try this... You are right, they are hilarious! :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'd love to see the list you make! It's such a fun way to enjoy the holidays and great when you're on a tight budget! I still laugh at these pictures when I look at them! Have a wonderful week! :)


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