Thursday, 10 July 2014

Cliff Jumping And A Birthday Boy

I've taken a huge leap. Yesterday was my 'baby' boys fifth birthday. I still can't believe he's five and there will be no more little feet gracing our halls and stumbling over words; no more grubby, chubby fingers, no more tiny people.

I can always look back on this date and know that it was the date that my life began heading in a new direction. I've been thinking and praying seriously about studying and working outside the home. I find myself already 'twiddling' my thumbs with Mr R now being in kindy only a couple of days a week. So, I made a decision after talking to my husband, and I'm now studying, through local Tafe, to become a Teacher Aide. I start on this coming Monday.

Am I scared? Yes. I haven't worked in over twelve years! But, the Lord guides all our ways. So, I'm taking this step of faith, that somehow feels more like jumping off the edge of a cliff, trusting that God will bless the decision that we've made for this family He's given us.

I'm also excited to be able to provide some finances through eventual part-time work. I'm excited to know that I'll be assisting teachers to educate our children, and encouraging the kids too!

And, just in case you're wanting to see our big birthday boy, here he is! ...

 I love the little man that he's becoming. He's so kind, funny, thoughtful, smart and smoochy.

He's just so cute and I love those lips! 

Well, one chapter has closed, and another one begins ... and I'm so grateful I have my God, my family and my friends to enjoy it with!


  1. Great post. Beautiful kids!!
    Thanks for sharing on the link up.
    God bless, Chris

    1. Thank you Chris. Hope you have a great week!


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