Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Prayer

Father God, I praise Your name. You alone are powerful, You are faithful, You are the One true living God. I praise You for Your faithfulness, I praise You for Your goodness, I praise You for Your grace. Forgive me of the many times that I sin and fall. Forgive me when my eyes are distracted off of You and following Your ways. I know that I can't be a wife and a mother without You. Without You teaching me, correcting me, forgiving me, giving me Your wisdom. I just can't do this without You. 

You know my many weaknesses, You see the stress that overwhelms our family at times. You see the hurt and the pain. You see the unforgiveness, help me to forgive. You see the good times, the joyous times, the times that I want to last forever. Lord, I need you more and more everyday. I love you so much more than I can say. 

I know your plans for me, my husband and my four children are for our good. I claim that today. I know when I'm weak, You are strong. More than anything I desire Your name to be glorified in my life and in the lives of my husband and children. For You to be glorified in our home. My heart beats for this. It is You and Your ways, Your plans that I long for. Strengthen me please Lord, cause me to rely on You. You are everything to me.  I love being Yours.

In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.


  1. Hi Elisha

    What a beautiful prayer; sentiments I carry with me throughout every day. I am so grateful for God's grace flowing over my life and the confidence I can have in Him.

    (found your blog through #IBOT

    1. Hi Tracy, thank you for visiting, and yes, God's grace is just so beautiful. It's only in Him we can have confidence with anything! I hope you have an amazing week!

  2. Such a beautiful prayer! Thank you for sharing this with us Elisha, it is mine as well...

    1. Thanks Jes, I'm reminded so often of my need for prayer and I love the rest it brings my soul.


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