Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Fun Instagram Photo Challenge!

With the beginning of a new month starting soon, and with the fact that Sufficient Grace now has an Instagram account (yipeee!), I thought in celebration of these two events, I would begin a photo challenge!

You all know how much I love photography and Instagram, and I know a lot of you do as well. So, I've put together a list of photographs to take over the month of August! I'm very excited about this!

To join in the fun, follow sufficientgraceblog on Instagram, add your amazing images with your descriptions and the hashtag #day_august, and the hashtag for the focus of the day, for example ... #day12august  #art  #sufficientgraceblog or  #day25august  #soft #sufficientgraceblog

August gifts us with 30 days, so I've listed 30 things to capture during this beautiful month ... here they are!

  1. Something that's your fav. colour.     (#colour)
  2. Things in your home that bring you comfort.     (#comfort)
  3. Your fav. Bible verse.     (#Bible)
  4. A pet you love.     (#pet)
  5. Some of your all time fav. book/s.     (#books)
  6. A person you loves smile.     (#smile)
  7. A photo taken from out of your window.     (#window)
  8. A part of your home you love.     (#home)
  9. What you do to relax.     (#relax)
  10. The beauty of the sky today.     (#sky)
  11. One of your fav. foods.     (#food)
  12. An artwork in your home.     (#art)
  13. A hobby you love.     (#hobby)
  14. A toy belonging to your child/ren.     (#toy)
  15. Anything that's a fav. of yours!     (#favourite)
  16. What you're thankful for.     (#thankful)
  17. Something beautiful in your garden.     (#garden)
  18. A family activity you love.     (#family)
  19. Sunlight.     (#sunlight)
  20. Your yummy breakfast.     (#breakfast)
  21. Hands of people/person you love.     (#hands)
  22. New growth.     (#growth)
  23. In the kitchen.     (#kitchen)
  24. Something your husband loves.      (#husband)
  25. Something soft.     (#soft)
  26. Anything to do with music you love.      (#music)
  27. A piece of furniture you love.     (#furniture)
  28. Something funny.     (#funny)
  29. Another thing you're thankful for.     (#thankful)
  30. A part of your face.     (#me)

This is going to be a lot of fun, and I'm very much looking forward to it! 
But, it will only be fun if you are in it! Please join in and make this all worth while! Share it on your blogs and FB pages, anywhere you like so that we can all be ready to start the challenge on the first of August! Get the word around, the more the merrier! It's a great way to get to know little bits about each other and a great excuse to take photos!

Have fun with this, be as creative as you like and have a great time chatting to each other in the comments too!

Happy snapping!

(I was intending on creating a printable sheet for you, 
but I'm still learning how to do that. I hope you still join in!)


  1. Hello there :) I don't know much about Instagram but am looking forward to viewing your photos! I love the topics you chose, they look like a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks Jes, they've been fun to take! I've enjoyed it a lot so far! Look forward to showing you too. I hope you're having a great week! :)


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