Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What On Earth Am I Here For? - Part Two & Three

I'm a little behind, I know, but here are the lessons that I've learnt in weeks two and three of 'What on Earth Am I Here For?' It's been a great few weeks of learning together as a Church family, as husband and wife and individually. 

Week two we learnt ...
... that we are called to be loved.

  • The first purpose of our life is to be loved by God! Jude 1:1
  • Our first calling is to enjoy a relationship with God. Rom 1:7
  • That relationship is to be His son or daughter. Eph 3:17-19
  • His love is wide enough to be everywhere, long enough to last forever, deep enough to handle anything, high enough to overlook our mistakes.
God's love is based on who HE is. His love for us is extravagant and lavish. God wants us to feel His love. He wants a family to love and He wants you and me in it!

What changes happen if we stay aware of God's constant love for us?
  • We feel accepted rather than ashamed. Rom 5:1
  • We can be bold in bringing our needs to God. Rom 8:14-15, 17. Heb 4:16
  • We have peace in pain that we don't understand. Rom 8:28
  • We gain courage to take risks. 1 John 4:18

Week three we learnt ...
... we are called to belong.
  • The second purpose for our life is that God formed us for His family. Eph 1:5
  • God's family is called His Church. 1 Tim 3: 14-15
  • We are called to belong to His Church. Eph 2:19
The benefits of belonging ...
(Five Bible metaphors)
  • In God's family we learn our identity. Eph 2:19, Heb 2:11
  • In God's temple we are supported by others. Eph 2:21-22, Rom 1:12
  • In Christ's body we discover our unique value. Rom 12:4-5, 1 Cor 12:15-16
  • In God's flock we are protected and cared for. 1 Peter 5:2, Gal 6:2
  • In God's garden our lives become productive. John 15:4-5
Also, a reminder that it's definitely not too late to join in Sufficient Grace's first ever Instagram Photo Challenge for the month of August! To find all the information click here, I'd absolutely love to have you join in and spread the word! 

I'll be posting a week's worth of my Instagram pics on a post soon! 

I hope you're having a beautiful week!


  1. Hi Elisha, thank you for the reminder on the love of God! It is amazing and everything!! Hope all is going well with you :) Just sending a hug your way!

    1. Thanks for the hug Jes! I appreciate your encouragement here! :)


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