Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Change of Pace

Sitting here in my Great Grandmother's floral tapestry chair, I rest and take time to focus my thoughts. Life has changed pace for me lately, and fairly quickly. I've gone from being busy with all the things that Mother's know are related to family life, to studying in my 'spare time', and vocational placement days during the week. 

These changes are good, and the ones that we've (MR S and I) prayerfully chosen for our family at this season in time. However, I'm finding that this beautiful little space here is not getting as much of my time and efforts that I would like it to. I miss writing for you and I miss writing for myself, for the calmness it creates within me. 

One thing I've already re-discovered is that I need to carve out the time, or rather, hold a continual stream of open conversation throughout the day with God. Like a breath. In and out. Speaking and listening. Filling my heart, mind and soul. Strengthening and equipping me for all that He's placed in my life to do. 

I don't intend to cease writing here. I'm not particularly sure on the direction that this blog is taking, but I am sensing, like my life, that it may take on some changes too. I'm in prayer about this, as I desire my writing to glorify Him and be used for His purposes.

With all this said, if you feel you would like to pray with me about these things that would be appreciated, if not that's o.k. too. This is a short post I know, but I hope you are all going well and enjoying your lovely families!

As for me, I think I'll warm this chair just a little longer.

(I do plan on showing you all the August photos that I've taken for the Instagram Challenge ... when my mobile phone is working properly again!)

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