Saturday, 28 June 2014

Our Perfect Day Fishing

Our perfect day fishing ...

Peaceful. Quiet. Still. Fresh. View. Perfection.

Cool. Squish. Gather. Laugh. Excite. Squirt. Together.

Tiny. Courageous. Pretty. Determined. Sweet. Smiling. Her.

Beautiful. Funny. Explorer. Giggler. Singer. Grinner. She.

Strong. Stable. Intelligent. Sweet. Nature. Discoverer. He.

Cheeky. Fun. Chuckler. Helper. Outdoors. Animals. Him.

Digging. Collecting. Free. Boyhood. Mirror. Treasures.

Serene. Stunning. Shimmer. Glory. Beauty. Calm.

Glory. Clouds. Heaven. Creator. Filled. Awe-struck. Praise.

Unexpected. Precious. Amazing.

First. Proud. Natural. Happy. Adorable.

Squeeze. Clever. Enjoying. Scrumptious.


Can't wait until next time! ...

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  1. What a perfect day fishing indeed! Thank you for linking up with us this week! Please join us again this week (you may want to re-link this post since it had such a late entry :) Your pictures are beautiful! Love, JES

    1. I'll join you again for sure. Thanks for visiting, it really was the most perfect day together! Love, Elisha


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