Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Encouraging My Daughter

We woke to the most dense fog this morning. While driving my husband to his work, I was going at a snails pace as in front of me there was draped a thick white sheet which I could barely see through. It was stunning. While driving back home, I was seeing all these incredibly beautiful scenes passing me by and I was just wishing that I had thought to grab my camera! 

My eldest daughter hasn't been enjoying school very much this term and this morning my little sweetheart came undone. I don't normally allow the kids to stay home 'just because' - but today I just knew that my little girl needed some mummy time. She has very low self confidence and needed to be re-affirmed of her value and her worth by her mummy. I have been praying for some time with her and to have a way to build her confidence up.

After getting past the normal 'rush out the door to school' routine, Little Miss P and I arrived home to receive a phone call from one of my best friends. "I'm in the car, I've packed my camera, would you like me to pick you up so we can go take photos together?" (yes please!) I declined thankfully, as I knew Little Miss P needed some 'me' time, but then I thought to myself it might be a great way to build up her confidence, as she shares a love of photography too. I asked her what she thought and she very eagerly said yes! 

"Did you see that incredible fog this morning?!" my friend asked when she picked us up. I knew where she was headed, "I just wish I had my camera on me to capture the little lake with the ducks and the reeds ...". Yep, me too.

The three of us set off on our photographic adventure, stopping and starting the car to capture that elusive 'perfect shot'; reversing when we saw a gorgeous old fence or a dead tree (yes, they are beautiful!); zooming in for close-ups of tiny flowers and cobwebs; and the clouds, they were unbelievably stunning! We had a great time laughing, singing and chatting. 

I have to confess, and I am being very honest here, I'm not beating myself up or being unhappy with my own photography, but Little Miss P's photo's for this photo shoot turned out much better than mine. She has a photographic eye for sure! 

See for yourself! ...

When we got back home we headed straight to the computer to download all the photos we both took. God is just so faithful to answer our prayers! MR S and I were able to look through her photos and give her honest feedback! I could see that our encouragement on something that she achieved meant so much to her! It was her first official driving photo shoot and I am just so proud of her, and she's only nine! (next time, I'll be taking my Little Miss J out for a photo shoot!)

I love this part of being a mother ... the passing on of our loves, passions and skills to our children; seeing them persevere even if things are difficult; being able to encourage them and seeing them grow and develop individually!

I'll share my photo's with you at a later date ... but right now, I must go to bed, it's been a long and satisfying day! 

(We did watch a good long portion of BBC's Pride and Prejudice together too ... bonus!)

(Please remember that all Photographs are property of Sufficient Grace and Little Miss P, please do not copy my sweet daughters hard work without permission, thank you!)

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