Monday, 14 April 2014

A You Tube Tutorial - Starting Your Own Prayer Folder

Today I have something special for you all! I worked up the courage to record myself on You Tube showing you how to create your own prayer folder ... eeek!

Prayer is such an important part of our Christian lives and I'm really thankful that I found this tool to help me add prayer more consistently in my life ... I hope it helps you too!

So, here it is! ...

My weekly page prayer topics ...

Monday - Extended Family.
Tuesday - Christian friends.
Wednesday - non Christian family and friends
Thursday - Church, church family, missionaries,
missions/organisations I love, sponsor children
Friday - Government and leadership (this last page is one that I struggle with as I find everything about politics boring ... an attitude I'm working at changing)

Here's the link to the original tutorial that inspired me by Gina.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about this, I'm happy to answer them for you! I'll also be posting at a later date some books that I've been using to add more scriptures to my prayers.

Have a beautiful week!

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