Thursday, 10 April 2014

A Positive Voice - Why I Write

The Internet world is huge ... massive ... actually it's ginormous! I'm always finding amazing new blogs to read and enjoy and I can't help but think to myself, 'Is anyone reading and getting anything out of what I write here?'

It's really quite hard thinking of what to post sometimes that will benefit you, when the topics I think of have pretty much already been done. Still, I write. I write here in this space regardless of followers, readers and comments (although these are always appreciated). 

One thing I've learnt (and am still learning) is that 'comparison is the thief of joy'. I just need to be myself in this space, enjoy the fantastic process of writing and let God do what He wants here.

That's been my prayer - that He will take this blog, these words and use them to accomplish what He needs them to, even when I sometimes don't get to see what that is.

My first reason to write here is to glorify God. To speak the truth out into this electronic world that's full of so much harmful filth.

Before I jumped on the social media 'band-wagon', I determined in myself to use these sites to have a positive influence. I am determined to be encouraging, uplifting and a loud voice speaking for the goodness of God. This is my second reason for writing here.

It isn't always easy to keep being a positive voice when you don't get a great deal of feedback. Still, I write. I believe that Christians have a great opportunity to use the net as a powerful tool to 'go into all the world' ... and that the net is a very real, influential force in our lives today. It is not going to disappear anytime soon; it has the power for good and for evil. And unless we write God's truth all over the world wide web for all to see, then the Internet is at risk of staying a tool that the enemy has claimed to effectively destroy souls. 

We need to take back the 'technological world' for God's glory!

You know, sometimes my direction on this blog is clear, other times it's rather foggy. But these two things keep coming to mind; glorify God here and be a positive voice.

So today, let me encourage you Christian bloggers and writers to not give up! To keep writing for His glory - to saturate your readers hearts and minds with positive, good, encouraging truth! Let's keep going together!

I would really appreciate for you to take the time, even though I know you are all very busy, to look through my previous posts and provide me with some specific feedback please. Be honest, I'm really wanting my writing to be beneficial for you. What have you enjoyed reading here? What would you like to read more about here at Sufficient Grace? Let me know your opinions (but please be nice!!) 

Thank you readers. Let's keep making our blogs, our writing, our poured out hearts shout out for His glory and His truth!!

Have a blessed week!

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