Tuesday, 1 April 2014

InkJoy - A Chance To Help

I'd like to let you know that I have begun a small little FaceBook business called 'InkJoy' that sells beautiful and unique hand-sketched and photographic cards made by myself.

 For the month of April, I am raising funds for an incredible charity called LoveHopeJump. This organisation raises fund for African women; freeing them from sexual slavery. Every one dollar from each card sold is going straight to help sponsor four of my friends with this charity, who are going to be jumping out of a plane for these women! (They are much braver than I am that's for sure!!)

I'm aiming to raise a minimum of $100.00 ... I know we can reach that target easily!
Even purchasing one card is sure to help!

Please be generous! The time to help and bless others is now! 

Together we can help to give these African women a beautiful, healthy and bright future!

Please visit my FaceBook page to place orders for cards, these women will thank you for it!

Be blessed this week and thank you for your support!

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