Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Heavy Bag

Today as I sit here wanting to write a post for this blog as it's been a while, I draw blank. I realize that I'm just so tired. Lately I've been carrying a heavy bag of stones on my shoulders, or so it seems. In my mind there are little thoughts that whisper saying, "You've let them down you know", "You're not strong enough to start that again", "This load will always be there to slow you down". I sigh. I'm exhausted, but from what exactly? I'm feeling guilty as a wife and a mother, feeling inadequate in myself, yet without really pin-pointing why. 

I know that it's something women experience quite regularly. But, don't you just get so sick of it? Yet, in all this, I know that I need to remind myself of the unchanging truth that His Word says to me. I know I need to speak it out, claim it and believe ... even when the shadows still linger. Those shadows are tiring aren't they? There just 'there' waiting to drag us down. In all this, I know my God, I know He is faithful in my life, and in yours too. I know that there would be other women reading this blog right now, who need this reminder too. 

He is good, He is faithful, He is always with us, He loves us, He watches over us, He releases us, He forgives us, He gives us more grace.

Resting in Him this week xo

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  1. Ah, the old adversary of guilt... I think it is sweet the way that J.R. Miller put it in the 1800's (and quite romantic though I think this work would be from the Holy Spirit) ~
    "There is an old picture which represents a woman who has fallen asleep at her wheel, in great weariness, as she toils to fulfill her household duties, and the angels have come and are softly finishing her task while she sleeps. Let parents be faithful; let them do their best. The work may seem too great for them, and they may faint under its burdens and seem to fail. But what they cannot do—the angels will come and finish while they sleep. Night by night they will come and correct the day's mistakes, and if need be, do all the poor, faulty work over again. Then at last when the parents sleep in death, dropping out of their hands the sacred work they have been doing for their children, again God's angles will come, take up the unfinished work and carry it on to completeness!"

    We DO our best and God can work wonders with the rest if we rely on Him.

    Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

    1. Hi Jes! Thank you for taking the time to reply so thoughtfully, beautifully and encouragingly, and also for following my blog. These words were very much what I needed to be reminded of. I look forward to reading more of your blog and sharing more on your link ups, thank you for the opportunity to share! Have a beautiful week!


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