Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Family Friendly Wednesday: Our Date Night ... Finally!

We finally went on a date night! It's been months! My mum very kindly came up for a visit to look after the kids for us (which they were ecstatic about!) and we set off on our date.
It was just so good to have this man all to myself.
You know what I mean. You love your kids but sometimes it's nice to have a conversation that is not interrupted by questions like, "Do you know how to say 'How are you' in Latin?" or "You know that song, like that one that we sung a few months ago ... ?" or "Can we please open up the new packet of toothbrushes because this one is leaving little bits in my mouth?" (What is it with kids and new toothbrushes anyway?! I brought some out shopping the other day and left them on the bathroom counter to open later, and Little Miss P saw them and excitedly exclaimed, "Thank you sooooo much mummy! New Toothbrushes!!" ... I just don't get it!)
And if it's not kids and questions it's phone calls. "Hello I'm calling you about this top of the range ... " No thanks! Or a work phone call or extended family (you know the ones that you love, but they always have the worst timing to call!), or the school or it's texts messages galore!
Not to mention the normal day to day things that must be done, work etc. and pretty soon you're left absolutely craving your man and some time away from responsibility to just enjoy your relationship. Just to have fun, chat, laugh, plan and dream. (also to not cook and clean up after a meal!)
Well, I finally had this time with MR S. It was really really really nice!
When we were dating, and living in a different suburb, our 'dating spot' was a gorgeous old-fashioned drive-in that we would frequent almost weekly. We would enjoy fish and chips and maltezers (you always have to have maltezers!) ... they were lovely days.
Now that we have moved 'out into the sticks', there is not as much choice for date night 'adventures'.
However, this last date night saw us creating a new tradition. We found a new restaurant that we love, and a new chatting spot after we've eaten together where we can enjoy our friendship. It was just so good to remember why I fell in love with this incredible man. I don't know about you, but sometimes with the hum-drum of life we can lose the 'freshness' of our marriage and it can become 'stale' and well ... boring.
We are looking forward to many more nights at these places together, it's just so important to us to make the most of this marriage we share as (Lord willing) it will be our only one. We are realising that after many years of marriage that we can't ever get to a point where we don't take time out for each other. It was a wonderful night and we enjoyed it so much!
What about you? What are some of your date night traditions with your man?
 We have a few exciting days ahead of us! Our Little Miss P turns nine tomorrow (I will not cry!) and on Saturday we are going on a family holiday for a week at the beach! So, I will be taking a break from blogging here for a week or so ... look forward to seeing you when I get back!

Enjoy your beautiful families!

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