Monday, 2 September 2013

Be Inspired Monday: Faithbooking


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I have just been so inspired by faith booking. Have you heard of it? You probably have. I'm a bit slow on the up-take sometimes when it comes to things like this. At our Church ladies night recently there was a beautiful lady named Suzanne Lipp who spoke to us about this wonderful craft. She is a faith booker and is also a consultant. Suzzanne is such a beautiful, softly spoken, gracious lady who is inspiring women to record the stories of their faith. Here is the link to her lovely new blog!
I realised that I do record some of my stories, but not in albums like this. Faith booking uses photographs and stories (two of my favourite combinations!) together to create a beautiful record of God's goodness, faithfulness, power and love in our lives for future generations to enjoy and be encouraged by.
Sue shared how the Israelites, after leaving Egypt and being lead by God through the Red Sea, were asked by God to build an altar of twelve stones as a remembrance of Gods goodness in leading His people out of slavery. Faith booking is our modern day way of creating such altars. We don't need to pile up stones like that anymore, we can create these stunning works of His faithfulness for our loved ones. Written testimonies.
I'm looking forward to creating my own albums soon, hopefully. I'll share them as soon as I've thought about what stories I'd love to share in them! (That may be a while, I have enough projects for now!)
Do you already enjoy faith booking? What are some albums you've created?
If you would like to contact Sue for supplies, or with questions, you can email her here.
Have a fantastic week!

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