Thursday, 5 September 2013

Family Friendly Wednesday: Hillsong Conference - Healthy Homes (Part One)

I need to apologize for this blog post being a day late. I had it written and ready to go for you all, and clicked 'publish', but didn't realise until now that it didn't actually publish! So sorry about that! Here's the post for yesterday, hope you enjoy! ...


The speakers in the 'Healthy Home' elective at Hillsong Conference this year spoke to us about how we can be more effective in our families in our day to day lives. I thought that I would share some of my notes from this session with you.
The most pertinent point that they made was:

generosity is the key to a healthy home.
Are we generous in our homes with:
our respect?
our trust?
giving praise?
giving our time?
our listening?
our teaching?
We were encouraged to have an excellent generous spirit.

Generosity is not about us.

 A wise man (or woman) devises ways to be generous! How beautiful is that?! We have the opportunity to purposefully plan ways to actively show generosity to those in our own homes to the glory of God.

To live with a readiness to give.
Reminders of simple, yet vital practises were given.
Be an active listener - for someone to be heard is a way of esteeming, respecting and honouring them.
Give eye contact when you speak with family members; this shows that you have a sincere desire to hear the other persons heart.
When you are an effective listener and you give eye contact, you can really hear how that person is thinking and feeling and be more able to guide them.
Generosity flies in the face of self.
As we sew into our families generously, we reap so much more than we can ever imagine.
We need to do whatever we can to show our husbands we love them.
She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.
Prov 31:12
We need to be generous within the house in every area and for everyone within the home.
What a beautiful privilege we have as wives and mothers! To be daily showing (with God's help) generosity to our family members and providing tangible ways for them to know we love them.

What do you think about their advice? Would any of it be helpful to your beautiful family like it has been for mine?


Here's a couple more photo's I made with Instacollage of Conference ... did I mention it was a brilliant time?!


Have a fabulously generous week!
 Part two will follow in the next couple of weeks in Family Friendly Wednesday! Would love to have you stop by.


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