Monday, 3 June 2013

Leaving A Legacy

I still see them, together, sitting on their bed. Legs stretched straight out in front, open Bibles in their laps, hand cupped to the ear that housed a hearing aid. They were listening to the Pastors message from Sunday on cassette. They never missed one sermon. Their faith was so evident. So tangible and real. Their house was permeated with the calm, quiet and gentle presence of God. His peace rested there. My heart still misses them. Almost every day.

And now I am aware that I am entering into a time in my life where, as they age, I may not have the presence of my Grandparents in my life as I do right now. Like my Great Grandparents, whose gentle, visible faith has not been in my life since my early teens, my Grandparents may not be with me much longer either. Oh how I will miss them. There will be such an irreplaceable gap in my heart.

I realise that I am so abundantly blessed to still have the amount of Grandparents in my life that I do right now.  I/we have, three Grandfathers and three Grandmothers still alive. Our children have four Grandparents, three G.Grandfathers and three G.Grandmothers (there was deaths/divorce years back so we have gained 'extra's' to love!).

I also realise the older I get, just how much they have shaped who I am right now. How much their love, care, influence and example has wrapped its way into the makeup of my person, my soul, my heart. They also hold a torch up high, showing me the person I still am wanting to become. The legacy I am wanting to leave.

How do you capture such faith and life experiences as theirs? (Although they are far from perfect) How do you pause time to forever remember the impact they have in your life? (Although the times weren't always rosey) How do you not forget? These were all questions that I couldn't ignore. I had to do something that would seize the faith of these beautiful Saints so that in years to come, when they are rejoicing in glory, we can have their words of wisdom as an added guide to know how to step out our faith. To know the truth that this world drowns out by distractions, complications, stresses and sins. To be reminded of the worth and value of a faith genuinely lived in the day to day ups and downs; the Word of God being the unmovable, firm foundation of our lives and that our God is mighty and worthy of all honour and praise and adoration for the rest of our lives!

Then, God showed me what I had to do. I created a 'Memory Book' for each of our Grandparents and Parents. It is a journal that I put together containing a pretty large amount of questions that they could answer. Questions that I wanted to remember; that I know are important. Not only ones about their genealogy, but mostly about their faith. 'Who is God to You?' 'What are the greatest lessons in your walk with God?' 'What is your favourite Bible verse/hymn/song/Bible character and why?' 'What are your lessons in marriage/parenting?' They all gave a cheeky 'grumble' when I handed the journals to them, but as they are being returned, there are smiles and comments of "It was actually a wonderful thing to do". They felt honoured, valued, worthwhile and loved - so very loved. I am still waiting to receive a couple of books back, and they know that I will lovingly 'nag' them until I have them!

The content of these journals are priceless. I can see my children and their children (Lord willing) reading over these words of truth and wisdom. Applying it to their own lives. Knowing what the faith of the ones before them looked like. Living a life that glorifies God. MR S and I are going to be completing one of these journals together sometime soon so that our children have a record of their parents faith too. I'm praying the unwavering (although tested) faith lived out so beautifully by my G.Grandparents, Grandparents and Parents before me will return full circle and be found in me. So that the circle may begin again and extend to my future generations.

Praise His Holy Name!

MR S's Paternal Grandfather and 'step'-grandmother's journal
... his Maternal Grandmother had already passed away before God gave me this idea.
Thankfully, she was an avid journal keeper.
My Paternal Grandfather and 'step' Grandmothers journal ...
lots of wise and cheeky answers in this one!
This is my Great Aunty's journal who recorded so much of my Paternal G.Grandparents,
her parents, in here for me, as well as from her own life. So precious.
These are my Nana's old Bibles - she has scrawled
her precious notes in the tiniest, neatest cursive I've ever seen!
Our piano is where I have chosen to hang pictures
of our extended families on both sides. Visual reminders
of beautiful people who I just love so much!
The lady in the centre collage picture is my Mother-in-love
when she was younger, wasn't she beautiful! The wedding picture on the piano
is my Mum and Dad ... I love this piano area.
My legacy, your legacy, our faith is worth recording. It is worth the effort. For so many reasons I hope God gives you a way to record your story too. It is such a blessing.
Tomorrow, Lord willing,  I will be making some 'nagging-in-love' (come on Nana! I'm really wanting to read yours!) phone calls, writing a letter or two and maybe purchasing the journal for MR S and I to begin together.

Some time this week I will try my very best to write out all the questions that I included in  the journals for you to use if you so desire.

You're welcome here anytime!

Love in Christ,

But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord's love is with those who fear Him,
and his righteousness with their children's children -
with those who keep His covenant and remember to obey His precepts.
Psalm 103: 17-18
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  1. Oh, how I love this. My heart is quite passionate about leaving a legacy of faith for those that follow. This blog spoke straight to my heart.

    1. Thank you so much FaithTree, I'm glad your heart found a home here! See you again soon! :)


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