Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Little Bit Of Crazy Fun ... For No Reason

Last Sunday night we had a lovely couple in our Church give a quick talk about having fun in marriage. I thought I would share. The concept is something that this couple have purposefully put in place in their own marriage of many years, and it works! It may seem simple, but I find it's often the simple things that we forget about in amongst all the distractions of life.

Their message was simply this: Those who play together, stay together.

They talked about how we in our marriages rarely remember the times when we are sitting down paying bills, gardening, cooking dinner etc. because those things are the 'need to be done' things in life. Although these things are important, they discussed the need for balancing the 'serious and required' with the 'fun and spontaneous'. They shared with us that it's when you are having fun, laughing and making inside jokes and fun little traditions together that that is when you are making memories that will last and add up to a sixty year marriage.They gave us two guidelines ...

  1. It was not to have any reason
  2. You have to go along with whatever the instigator ... well, instigates!
They threw it out to the congregation and asked us to think of some examples of 'fun for no reason' with your spouse, this is what we collectively came up with ...

  • pillow fights
  • food fights
  • water fights
  • nerf gun wars
  • creating a fort
  • hide and seek
  • treasure hunt complete with maps and clues
  • an obstacle course/race
  • going outside and climbing trees


As you can see, some of the suggestions would be quite fun! What would you do to have fun with your spouse for no reason?! Would you try any of them?!
Have fun making memories with your special someone this week!

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