Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Fruit in Perseverance

My Little Miss P and Little Miss J have been having piano lessons for a while now. Little Miss J only began this year, Little Miss P began at the beginning of last year.

My husband and I have always desired our children to have a love of good, wholesome music and to be able to play an instrument of their own. We are hoping that this will be such a blessing in their lives when they are adults as a talent they can give the Lord, as a way they can earn a little extra through teaching lessons from home if needed and just as a beautiful way to bond with their future families through the gift of music.

However, it didn't all start smoothly. Beyond the usual 'unmotivated' response that children sometimes give when it comes to having practise and giving their best (especially when young and still learning the value in these qualities), there was a comprehension issue.

Little Miss P just wasn't understanding the basics of the theory of piano music and I was concerned that she wouldn't be able to have piano playing as something that would give her such joy in her life. Her teacher is very strict, but kind. She is patient, but also pushes to see progress. I like her! When her teacher voiced such concerns, the only thing that I knew to do (as I don't play an instrument myself nor does MR S) was pray.

I prayed and prayed and prayed. It was hard at first because, not being a musician (although I am a singer) I wasn't sure exactly 'what' I needed to be praying for! So I began praying for "whatever it is that is keeping Little Miss P from understanding piano theory to be sorted out and brought to a point of her having understanding". Her teacher also mentioned she had a hesitation to make mistakes, so I began praying that "she wouldn't fear making mistakes but learn from them". I also prayed that "she would have a self-motivated love, passion and joy for piano/music that motivates her to practise of her own accord".

It was only two weeks of praying and her teacher called me in after Little Miss P's lesson (and I thought 'oh no what is she going to say?!') and said to me, "What on earth has 'P' been doing?" (eeekkkkk!!) ... "She is doing amazingly! She is understanding everything, I am able to give her two new songs to learn this week. She didn't hesitate to play and she seems to be enjoying it more"  My answer was, "Prayer Mrs **** prayer!"  Praise God!! He worked in the life of my beautiful little girl to bring about something so beautiful in her life! He is just so good!

Since then, Little Miss P has performed at her first 'Piano Concert' held by her teacher. She wasn't able to perform at the last two because she just wasn't ready, but this year she was! She played perfectly! It was just such a joy to see! It has spurred her on to reach the next level of 'a different coloured book!'

As Little Miss J only began lessons this year, she was still too little to be in the concert. Although, she is not having the same issues that Little Miss P had, and is doing very well, (her little hands are so tiny they barely reach the keys!) I am still covering her with the same prayers too! She is playing beautifully! (Along with lots of verbal encouragement to both of them from all of us!)

I love how even when we are not sure entirely what we are wanting to pray on behalf of our children, God always knows what are hearts are wanting to pray, even when the words aren't quite right. It was so obvious that the results in Little Miss P's piano playing, were straight from His hand and as a direct answer to the prayers of this one Mother who just wants her children to be blessed by the love of music.

Let's keep persevering in prayer to see God working in our children's lives, He is so faithful to do so!

Be blessed today, we serve a wonderful God!

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