Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Family Scrapbooking Album

I have been finding some much needed time to get back into my scrap booking again this year. It has been so enjoyable! I have taken a different approach for this years family album in that I am using the 5"x 5" Instagram square photos (printed directly from my iPhone) instead of printing out and cropping 6"x 4" images.

Although the Instagram squares are more expensive to print, I find there is much less wastage of the photo, and no cropping needed as you can just stick the photos in the album. I also don't need to mat the photos because they are already printed with a border, which saves on paper! Being able to scrap for four children and a family album a lot quicker, for me, makes that extra expense worthwhile. To 'compensate' expenses a bit, I am adding less embellishments and using more basic card stocks for the background colour.

I like that I can do a 'collage' on one square photo of the same event too, as it saves me printing out each photo separately which costs more and uses up more album pages etc.

This is the title page of the album. It reads "Capturing the big
and small life moments of 2013". I wanted this album to capture
all the things that make our life beautiful, the big events as well
as the little day-to-day happenings. It's these little things that
are so easily and quickly forgotten!


I am keeping this album with a vintage feel, using 'old-time' embellishments. It's made it a bit trickier to match with the papers and photos, but it's a good challenge! I'm liking the results so far!
I've taken a different approach to the journaling too, by asking the kids questions like, "Do you remember when Little Miss J said ... ?", instead of 'we went here' or 'we went there' - more of a reflective style.
Because I am taking photos of the little things this year, I have found that I have really captured more of my children's individual personalities and who they are/what they like at this age, rather than the normal 'point and shoot' more posed look. It's nice taking that photo when they're not looking, or when they are acting that little bit crazy! (The crazy, apparently, won't always last so I am making the most of it now!)
This is only a few pages of the month of January! As I said, it's been much needed time to get up-to-date. (Not to mention that Mr R's album is still in newborn stage, and he's almost 4. Oh well, it will get done one day) I have the photos printed out up until this month, so now I can get at it! The lounge room looks like a bit of a mess, and I could use my craft room downstairs, but in winter it's much nicer scrapping near the snugly warmth of the fire place. I am thankful that my lovely husband is very supportive of my crafts and need for warmth, he never complains about my transferring from upstairs to downstairs. I love him to bits and pieces!
I really enjoy scrap booking for too many reasons to write here! But some are because it's a creative outlet, it records family memories, it keeps a record of God's goodness and many blessings to us and I get to take photos (which I absolutely love doing!) Oh, and it gives me some 'down-time' occasionally too. (Although my girls enjoy scrapping with me too at times, this is a beautiful time to chat and laugh and make even more memories together!)
Do you enjoy scrap booking? What album projects have you got going for this year?

Yesterday while I was 'thrift shopping' I came across an art piece at our local Vinnies shop. It only cost me $8! This is more than what the price of the frame and the non-reflective glass in it would have cost in the first place. It is just amazing.
It's a 'poster print' I think of a selection of what I think may be a water colour sketch by an Australian Artist named 'Elizabeth Rippey'. Elizabeth is an artist, geographer and author; writing, researching and creating art and books about wildflowers and nature. She came to Perth from inland Southern Africa. I'm not 100% sure if the Elizabeth Rippey that I discovered on google, is the same Elizabeth Rippey who created this beautiful art work, but I don't mind, I love it just the same!
It's titled 'Wildflowers of Rottnest Island' and my first thought was 'where on earth is Rottnest Island?'! According to google, it's an island of the coast of Western Australia. Rottnest island is a haven for Western Australian flora and fauna ... well there you go! You learn something new every day!
I do love the colours and the detail that Elizabeth uses in this artwork. It's very peaceful and beautiful, while still being highly informative. All the flowers are named, with both scientific classification and common name written in perfectly formed small hand writing that adds a delicate touch to the piece.
It's a rather large piece too, which made it even more incredible that it was only $8. By the taping on the back of the frame, it's evident that the frame has been done professionally. It's probably of no 'collectible' value, but I just loved finding this piece for our family home that didn't break the budget.
I have definitely been bitten by the 'thrifting' bug! Do you enjoy vintage or pre-loved pieces? I'd love to see what you've found, leave your blog link blow in the comments and I'll pop over for a look.
You're all welcome here anytime!
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  1. I love scrap booking, I just haven't any time for it right now. Although my kids love looking through the completed ones. I love the old-fashioned theme.

    Thanks for linking up with Cozy Book Hop

    1. Hi Marissa! It's nice to have you stop by. I hope you find some time to enjoy your much loved scrapbooking soon. My kids enjoy the completed ones too!

      Your cozy book hop is just lovely! I was happy to link up with something that celebrates books!

      You're welcome here anytime!


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