Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Box Full of Testimonies

Last week I was able to begin a project that I have only been wanting to start for uuumm the past twelve or so years! I began a 'testimony box' (Or memory box if you want to call it that) My husband has a beautiful timber bed box which was his grandfathers, that my father restored for us some years ago. Up until now, it has only kept, well, blankets!

The idea of this testimony box is for me to keep all of my own families precious memories and keepsakes all in one place (Previous to this box I had little bits scattered here, there and everywhere ... which was driving me nuts!) All of mine and MR S's childhood/school memories as well as our children's school memories are in a separate box.

This new testimony box is an extra special one. Not because of the 'things' that are in there, things are temporal, but because of what those things represent to us as a family who desires to live this life well and beautifully together for His Name. There are things in there like baby clothes for all four of our children that remind me of just how teeny tiny they were, and how God has richly blessed us with these healthy, beautiful children! (I admit it, there were a few tears shed, but that's to be expected right?!) Their birth stories and baby hospital bands are in there too.

I have my tiara, necklace and earrings from our wedding day. I even have some of the cake flowers in the round tin that are almost twelve years old! There are lots of engagement/wedding cards; baby birth cards too, all reminders of the people we are blessed to have in our lives and that God holds our marriage together. I think one of the most significant testimonies in that box is when our beautiful Little Miss J fell into a camp fire while we were camping at a local damn for the weekend (maybe I'll do a post about it one day). This led to weeks of recovery visits to Royal Brisbane Children's Hospital and it was an exhausting time, but His peace never left us, we knew she would recover well, and she has! Praise our amazing God! I have all the photo's, the whole story written out (unedited), the cast that she was wearing, the I.D. wrist bands etc. All these speak so loudly to our whole family of the healing grace and power of our Saviour.

That's what this box is for me; a testimony, all in one place, of His goodness, faithfulness, protection and provisions in our lives; as well as all the good times we've shared together. I'll be adding my completed journals, my poetry journals, our thankful journals, my children's scrap booking journals that they have done, our holiday sketchbooks, the children's everyday sketchbooks, a book that I am beginning about my husband, their first Bibles and anything else that shouts out the goodness He lavishes on us!

I can picture my grand children and great grandchildren opening this creaky old wooden box, and spending hours pouring over the treasures inside; treasures that testify that God has been what's held and carried and guided and is the centre of this families existence. Here is the way, walk in it!

This is going to be a continual project that is added to over the years, one that I am so excited to do! It has motivated me to be more intentional in journaling God's goodness, in seeking out the testimonies to be added in there as visual reminders for my future generations to enjoy!

I hope I have motivated or encouraged you to do the same for your family! This is just one way we can choose to purposefully remember His blessings in our lives. Our God's mercies and goodness to us are too great to not be remembered! Do you already have a testimony box? Or do you have something else? I would love to see it! Leave a link to your blog below in the comments and I'll pop over and see the good things God's done for your family!!

In His lavishing and perfect love,


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  1. That's really beautiful! What a wonderful idea!!!

    (Stopping by from Creative Home Acre Hop)

  2. How wonderful...and special that you could use his Grandfather's box! Thanks for sharing on The Creative HomeAcre Hop! Have a wonderful Mother's day! Join us for the new hop today, if you have time :)

    1. Thankyou Lisa, I would love to join you again! My mother's day was lovely thank you, and I hope yours was too.


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