Friday, 15 February 2013

Just The Usual

I've spent the biggest part of this rainy day at home today, the first in a week or so. I've not done much actually; some washing, some cleaning, some folding, some dog-feeding, cob-webbing and re-arranging of bits n pieces. I went into town with Mr R for a quick trip to Mitre 10 for some paint for our lounge room and some veggie punnets ... tomorrow's projects! (weather and motivation permitting!)

I had a friend pop in with a beautiful blessing of a lovely skirt and gorgeous dress for little Miss P who because of her growth spurt, is now too tall for all of her dresses. I have such wonderful friends. Little Miss P will be over the moon.

While writing this post Mr R is sleeping and I am listening to Belfast Revival ... I love Irish music! I've really not done much at all today ... so why this post? Because I am so happy to be at home, relaxed and keeping our lovely home clean and orderly for my family. Yes,  I know I hear you, it's just the normal stuff that we are to do every day with or without recognition. What's the big deal? 

There is such joy and peace in serving my family with a heart attitude of love, joy and thankfulness. That's the big deal. A heart doing the mundane things of life with a good attitude is a heart giving praise and thanks to God for the blessings He so lavishly gives.

We can scrub, wash, fold, dust, re-arrange, pick up odd socks, sweep up carcasses of sunflower seeds from our children's beloved birds, clean out the fridge, cook, mop floors, weed weed and weed again, all to the glory of God!

My heart is full, not burdened, just full to the brim of His love for me and His provision and care for me and mine. Full of thankfulness for friends who love my children as well as me. Full of thanks for this home that is ours to love in and mine to keep.


Everything is beautiful with thankfulness.

For more inspiration on home-making click here.

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